Bill Moyers Journal: Robert Reich + Thomas Paine + Gun Violence

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Bill Moyers Journal
June 12, 2009

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich sits down with Bill Moyers to talk about the influence of lobbyists on policy, the economy, and the ongoing debate over health care.

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Harvey J. Kaye and Richard Brookhiser

On the 200th anniversary of Thomas Paine’s death, Bill Moyers sits down with THOMAS PAINE AND THE PROMISE OF AMERICA author Harvey J. Kaye and NATIONAL REVIEW senior editor Richard Brookhiser, author of WHAT WOULD THE FOUNDERS DO?

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Moyers on gun violence

A Bill Moyers essay.

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Why We Can’t Get Single Payer Health Care by Ed Ciaccio

Democrats to propose national public healthcare plan; Would revolutionize US healthcare + What is Single Payer?

Bill Moyers Journal: Jeremy Scahill + Brooke Gladstone & Jay Rosen

Bill Moyers Journal: Single Payer Health Care

Two shot at Holocaust museum + video report

The Tiller Killers, The Usual Suspects and Then Some by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH