Netanyahu OK with a demilitarized Palestinian state

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June 14, 2009

JERUSALEM JTA — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would agree to a demilitarized Palestinian state.

in a major foreign policy address Sunday at Bar-Ilan University, Netanyahu also said the Palestinians to have a state must recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“It is impossible to agree on the principle of a Palestinian state without these” conditions, he said.

If Israel receives assurances that the two conditions are met, Netanyahu said, “we will be ready in the future” for a “demilitarized Palestinian state that exists alongside a Jewish state.” Such a demilitarized state, he said, could not import weapons, make pacts with enemies of Israel and would not be able to close its airspace to Israel.


via Netanyahu OK with a demilitarized Palestinian state | JTA – Jewish & Israel News



2 thoughts on “Netanyahu OK with a demilitarized Palestinian state

  1. Netanyahu knows all too well that what he proposed falls way too short of what Palestinians would accept as a final settlement. What he proposed was a no-starter, and hasn’t much to build on, for it doesn’t give Palestinians more than a ghetto of sorts, an apartheid. He offered crumbs to build a non-viable emasculated shell of a skeleton of a state, and he knew that it wasn’t going to be enough, otherwise he wouldn’t have offered even that little, or that much. Bibi has no serious intention of allowing Palestinians to have their own real state, for the simple reason that he doesn’t feel that he needs to or should. He believes that might makes right, and with Israel’s mighty army, and with the still tremendous support Israel yields in the US congress, he doesn’t need to offer any serious compromise, in any true sense of the word. Israel, with or without Netanyahu, will offer no real compromises unless its convinced that they have no choice but to, and that they stand to lose a lot if they didn’t – alot more than they can afford to lose, and only one force can do that – maybe – and that would be Obama. But will he, or is he capable of exerting such pressure on Israel, especially with the political volcano he stands to face if he seriously decided to pressure Israel. I, very much, doubt it.

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