Presidential election in Iran: selected items from the British press

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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Dandelion Salad
14 June 2009

Times, 13 June 2009
Times, 13 June 2009 1.ece

Lifting the veil

A generation of young women voters is rejecting Iran’s repressive regime and challenging the patriarchal orthodoxy of the Muslim world

leading article, Times, 13 June 2009

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Iran’s old guard are poised to crush any hope of revolution

by Robert Fisk, Independent, 12 June 2009

_________________ hmoud-ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces defeat if election not rigged, say Iranian experts

by Ian Black, Guardian, 12 June 2009

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Election ‘will end in riots if Ahmadinejad cheats again’ (*)

Analysts fear that victory for Iran’s President will spark violence – and a Tiananmen-style response

by Martin Fletcher, Times, 12 June 2009


Theo-democracy (*)

Mousavi has to defeat the bought vote and the bloc vote

leading article, Financial Times, 11 June 2009

________________ adinejad

Yes they can – fired-up Iranians dare to dream of a presidential job loss (*)

by Ian Black, Guardian, 11 June 2009

________________ .ece

Iran’s bold new face of rebellion hopes to see off ’empire of lies’ (*)

by Martin Fletcher, The Times, 10 June 2009

________________ .ece

Woman who dares to defy Ahmadinejad (*)

by Martin Fletcher, The Times, 8 June 2009


(*) title of the print edition


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