Campaign to stop IMF and war funding

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Bill for supplemental war and IMF funding could be defeated


UPDATE on the Supplemental: CALL NOW!

from an email from UFPJ Action Alerts

Voting on the FY2009 Supplemental could come as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16. But the House leadership still does not have the votes to pass it. Republicans are refusing to vote for the bill because it includes funds for the IMF. Therefore, in order to pass the bill, the House leadership needs to hold all those Democrats who voted YES the first time around and to convince at least 38 antiwar Democrats to change their votes.

Because of the great work of all of you around the country, many of these Representatives are standing firm, despite immense pressure from the White House. All members of Congress, however, need to hear from their constituents again today! The message is simple: to those who voted NO the first time, stay firm. And for those who voted YES, urge them to change their vote.

The number for the Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121. Be sure to pass this Action Alert on to others in your organization.

Please email us here if you get any information on your Representative’s position.


Click here for the Supplemental text on the House Appropriations Committee’s website.

Click here for Robert Naiman’s analysis — and here for John Nichols’ analysis — of the Supplemental bill.

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