Earth Focus: Obama’s Climate Action + The Big Swindle Movie

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June 15, 2009

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This time on Earth Focus glacial melt threatens Asia’s food and water, and environmentalist Deb Callahan discusses Obama’s climate action. Also, watch how solar energy is coming to remote places.


The Big Swindle Movie

June 12, 2009

When the Great Global Warming Swindle was first broadcast – climate deniers thought that at last they had the definitive polemic to beat back the forces of science and reason…..


Scientists: Global warming has already changed oceans

By Les Blumenthal
McClatchy Newspapers
June 9, 2009

WASHINGTON — In Washington state, oysters in some areas haven’t reproduced for four years, and preliminary evidence suggests that the increasing acidity of the ocean could be the cause. In the Gulf of Mexico, falling oxygen levels in the water have forced shrimp to migrate elsewhere.

Though two marine-derived drugs, one for treating cancer and the other for pain control, are on the market and 25 others are under development, the fungus growing on seaweed, bacteria in deep sea mud and sea fans that could produce life-saving medicines are under assault from changing the ocean conditions.


via Scientists: Global warming has already changed oceans | McClatchy.

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