Permaculture for Humanity

Dandelion Salad

June 07, 2009

Peak Moment 146: The future is abundant, asserts permaculture designer Larry Santoyo. His vision of living in the present provides a wonderful antidote to fear about uncertain futures. People need to rediscover that we’re part of the ecosystem, and apply permaculture design principles to the many problems we face. Larry teaches sustainable permaculture design as a discovery of the world around us. He notes that trying to be self-sufficient is really anti-permaculture. Instead, we need to develop self-reliance skills. Then as we find others in our communities to interact with, everybody gets to play!


Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2

Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food and Seed

A Farm for the Future (must-see)

Argentina’s Economic Collapse (full video; subtitled)

Peak Oil


16 thoughts on “Permaculture for Humanity

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  13. I had visions of Dandelions when I saw this (now let’s hope they don’t start growing beefers on the roof! Never know what city-dwelling burger-imbibers might come up with!)

    My quite unhinged but brilliant animal rights incredible lawyer long-lost friend (broken hearted at her eviction at my behest tho I may be) would remind that after much study, the permaculturists have a remaining problem with animal rights that needs serious attention,

    Otherwise by all means “stand ground and Grow” (Try googling that one, + Grandin)

    • Thanks for the link, great pics, too, Natureboy. City dwellers really can have a garden on their roofs. Schools and churches getting into gardening is a great idea!

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