Does U.S. poll rule out fraud in Iran? + Thousands maintain Iran protests

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June 18, 2009

Western media, along with thousands of Iranians protesting around the world, have formed a rough consensus over the six days since Iran’s Presidential Election that Ahmadinejad’s victory was the result of widespread fraud. However, a recent Op-Ed in the Washington Post references a rare public opinion poll in suggesting that the election may indeed have been fair. While there is not enough information to determine whether or not the election was rigged, this poll certainly doesn’t rule out the possibility. If only because the poll’s authors concluded prior to the election that the very same data predicted a relatively close vote. Yet today, those same authors are claiming that their figures demonstrate the validity of Ahmadinejad’s landslide victory.


Thousands maintain Iran protests

Channel 4 News

Tens of thousands marched through the streets and a smaller protest, but one that was broadcast live on Iranian state television, came when the Iranian football team played South Korea. At least eight Iranian players wore green wristbands – the colour of the Mousavi movement – as they went on the pitch. Iran has now banned foreign journalists from reporting, or filming the events on the streets – but there are no controls on what they can say.

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