Healthcare Hypocrisy + Tell ABC to Ask Obama Why Isn’t Single Payer on the Table?

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Updated: June 22, 2009

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June 18, 2009

As an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama proudly called himself a proponent of single payer healthcare. But now that he’s president, he won’t even consider it as an option for the reform our healthcare system so desperately needs. What do you suppose happened between then and now?


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Tell ABC to Ask Obama Why Isn’t Single Payer on the Table?

What Do You Think About Health Care Reform? Let Us Know… – The Note


From an email from

This Monday President Obama will be discussing health care on ABC.

You can urge ABC to ask President Obama about why single payer is off the table by going to: and putting in your comment.

I’m sure you can come up with your own suggestions, but here are some ideas:

– State Senator Obama in 2003 said he supported single payer but “we had to win back the White House, Senate and House before we could do it.” Well, the Democrats have won back all three and now President Obama is not considering single payer but instead is bowing to the insurance industry. Why is single payer not being considered?

– As Congress works on health care reform they are finding the cost of covering everyone is exorbitant. Indeed, it no longer seems possible with the CBO estimating that the most robust plan would leave 36 million uninsured in ten years. Under single payer everyone would have access to health care and it would be affordable because $400 million in insurance costs would be no longer in the equation. Why is single payer not being considered?

– Polls show the most popular health care reform among Americans is a single payer system. Why is single payer not being considered?

– Aren’t you just going to pour hundreds of billions into a failed system? Hospitals have more billing agents to deal with the insurance industry than nurses, often one administrator per bed. Your proposal does nothing to end the waste of the insurance industry because you have taken single payer off the table. Why not put single payer first since it puts patients before the insurance industry?

– President Obama has said that he would support single payer if the U.S. were starting from scratch. Well, it is looking more and more like the U.S. needs to start from scratch. The Congress is divided on key issues, the public health option looks unlikely, isn’t it time to consider single payer?

– How will you prevent the public option, if it passes, from being the place where all the chronically ill, high risk patients go while the private insurance industry cherry picks the low cost patients thereby increasing their profits? Isn’t single payer the only fair way to provide health care access for all?

– Candidate Obama promised to change Washington, DC so that the corporate powers did not control policy, well on health care President Obama is doing the opposite. He is letting the corporate powers – the insurance, HMO and pharmaceutical industries — run health care. He has insurance company representatives speaking first and last at his White House health care meeting. At the same time single payer is not being considered by Obama. Why is single payer off the table? Are the corporate powers still in charge?

Please write ABC now and let them know you want single payer questions when they interview Obama. Go to: and putting in your comment.

Thank you.

Kevin Zeese
Executive Director




Tell ABC: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate

Network says June 24 special will cover ‘all sides’


ABC News is preparing for a day of in-depth of coverage on President Barack Obama’s healthcare proposal on June 24, broadcasting from the White House and including an interview with Obama on Good Morning America and an hour-long Primetime “town hall” discussion featuring Obama and questions from audience members. Concerns have been raised about whether ABC’s special programming will convey a full spectrum of opinion on the healthcare reform debate–but the views perhaps most likely to be left out have so far gotten little attention.

Complaints from the right about ABC’s plans have gotten widespread play. The Republican National Committee, which attempted to buy ad time during the specials and was rejected, condemned “ABC’s astonishing decision to exclude opposing voices on this critical issue” Real Clear Politics, 6/17/09.


via Tell ABC: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate.


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7 thoughts on “Healthcare Hypocrisy + Tell ABC to Ask Obama Why Isn’t Single Payer on the Table?

  1. I can read the writing on the wall. Singlepayer was dead long before it ever got to congress. Lobbyists have bought majority of the congress. With a “progressive” president, democratic congress, 72% of Americans support, and majority of doctors in favor of singlepayer this is as good as it gets. If we can’t get true uncompromising singlepayer and take out the “health” insurances parasites from our medical system, I’m afraid we will never have singlepayer. Perhaps we will in the distant future but in the meantime how many countless people will suffer and die battling “health” insurance companies while the insurance companies make record profits in the future? Does anyone really think that politicians/lobbyists/insurance will give a rats ass while they are insulated by wealth and premium health coverage?

    The gov’t is sooooo broken. It’s no longer gov’t BY the people FOR the people. It’s gov’t by and for the rich corporations. For crying out loud 72% of us WANT singlepayer, yet only 40 or so senators support it. WTF??? If this is a gov’t of true representation, shouldn’t there be 72 senators in support of this? It just goes to show congress no longer listens to thier electorates but listens more to lobbyists/corporations. Corporations have obviated the mechanism of gov’t through lobbyists. I don’t think the founding fathers invisioned a congress as merely a puppet of the lobbyists.

    America has become a nation of pussies. I’m struck by the fact that Iranian women have more balls going up against riot police with baton/guns than we do. We live in a nation where the citizens are afraid of the gov’t and not the gov’t afraid of it’s citizens.

    When the gov’t stole our rights through the “patriot” act, there was very little protest. When the gov’t lied to us about reasons for going to war in Iraq, there was only sporadic protests. We are a nation pussified by beer/sex/sports/drival that we call entertainment. It’s no wonder america is getting screwed by the gov’t/corporations, with about half of America with only a high school education if that (and that’s not saying much considering we’re without fail near the bottom rankings for k-12 in developed nations) .

    Republican “WMD in Iraq” style lies about singlepayer 1) it’s too expensive (considering canada’s system costs only about $3,500/person and our system costs presently about $6,300/person that’s bullshit)
    2) it won’t work (that’s bullshit. fire, police, post office all work great)
    3) it’ll work too well and take away business from health insurance (that’s the idea!!!)

    ONLY way in my opinion to stop the dicking around is to obviate lobbyists/politicians/insurance companies and establish TRUE singlepayer through a REFERENDUM. It’s time the politicians/lobbyists/insurance companies get out of the way and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE DIRECTLY THROUGH A BALLOT VOTE!!!! If 72% of america’s desires are not being translated to the congress, it’s time we the citizens make it a law ourselves. Take the politicians/insurance/lobbyists out of the equation. Stop the bullshitting! We don’t want a gutted bill we want HR 676.

    HR 676 for direct vote by citizens.

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  6. One reason is that Max Baucus, second only in corruption to John “Keating Five” McCain in the Senate, is in charge of the committee that evaluates healthcare plans.

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