What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election? by Esam Al-Amin

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By Esam Al-Amin
June 22, 2009

A Hard Look at the Numbers

Since the June 12 Iranian presidential elections, Iran “experts” have mushroomed like bacteria in a Petri dish. So here is a quiz for all those instant experts. Which major country has elected more presidents than any in the world since 1980? Further, which nation is the only one that held ten presidential elections within thirty years of its revolution?

The answer to both questions, of course, is Iran. Since 1980, it has elected six presidents, while the U.S. is a close second with five, and France at three. In addition, the U.S. held four presidential elections within three decades of its revolution to Iran’s ten.

The Iranian elections have unified the left and the right in the West and unleashed harsh criticisms and attacks from the “outraged” politicians to the “indignant” mainstream media. Even the blogosphere has joined this battle with near uniformity, on the side of Iran’s opposition, which is quite rare in cyberspace.

Much of the allegations of election fraud have been just that: unsubstantiated accusations. No one has yet been able to provide a solid shred of evidence of wide scale fraud that would have garnered eleven million votes for one candidate over his opponent.


via Esam Al-Amin: What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election?


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  6. Twice in my lifetime our predominantly right-wing, fanatical US populace has basically unanimously called for the nuking of Iran.

    Why the US populace perpetually supports its government’s foreign meddling remains a mystery to me; militaristic paranoid nationalism left over from nazi-fighting perhaps, or maybe just the blood-lust for some valorous military ’cause’?

    The uprising in Iran has humanized Iranians in the world’s eyes, the very people Israel and the US have been so eager to demonize and incinerate, (which would likely have happened by now had McBomb been elected, as he so nearly was).

    Perhaps the popular struggle in Iran will show that indeed the people will rise up against repression, that women will not accept abuse forever, and that brutal police suppression of popular movements will be now exposed by a million leaky cell-phones…

    Doubtful the election in Iran will be overturned, but we should be learning here about popular dissent of government fraud, violence and abuse

    Afghanistan too should be allowed to determine its own fate as well.

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