Netanyahu: 75% of the Iranians want regime change

Updated: June 29, 2009

Updated: June 25, 2009

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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23 June 2009

Return of Shah from Rome, after Coup of 1953

Return of Shah from Rome, after Coup of 1953_JPG

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1) Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: Iranians want regime change (23 June 2009)
2) Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: The true nature of the Iranian regime has been unmasked (22 June 2009)
3) Son of former Shah of Iran: Iranian government is liable to lead to a nuclear holocaust (22 June 2009)
4) [VIDEO] Son of former Shah of Iran: I know the moment will come when I will return + Shah’s son optimistic about Israel-Iran future (26 & 29 June 2009)


excerpt from: Netanyahu: Iranians want regime change

by Roni Sofer, Ynetnews, 23 June 2009

“I believe more than 75% (of the people) there would have liked to replace the [Iranian] regime, and that percentage has recently risen”

[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Rome, 23 June 2009]

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excerpt from: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with RAI TV

(Israeli) Prime Minister’s Office website, 22 June 2009

RAI: Mr. Prime Minister, […] you should be quiet satisfied this days because hundreds thousands people in Iran are demonstrating against your worst enemy, Mr Ahmedinajad. Do you support their struggle?

Netanyahu: I think that people now can understand many of the things that we have been talking all this years. This is a regime that oppresses his people and this is a regime that threatens everyone with the denial of the holocaust, the call for the elimination of Israel, with the sponsorship of terrorism throughout the world and with the attempt to develop nuclear weapons which they can give to terrorists around the world. I think now that what is the true nature of this regime has been unmasked.

RAI: You are talking about the nuclear program, in 1981 Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear program in order to stop it, are you ready and in which circumstances to do the same with Iran?

Netanyahu: I think right now everybody understands that nuclear weapons in the hands of such a brutal regime could be very dangerous to the entire world. This is an international issue and I was very pleased to hear president Obama in my recent visit to Washington say that nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran is a strategic threat to the United States and the peace of the world. Certainly it is to my country, but it is an international danger and it should be dealt by an international effort led by the United states. That’s our preference.


excerpts from: Shah’s Son: Support Us

by Tzah Yoqed, Ma’ariv (via BBC Monitoring Newsfile), 23 June 2009

“Israel’s citizens should support the fight the Iranians are waging. […] The continued existence of the current government in Iran is liable to lead to a nuclear holocaust.”

[Reza Pahlavi, son of former Shah of Iran, interview with Ma’ariv, 23 June 2009]


video: t%2FPage%2FVideoPlayer&videoId=1245924955424

Son of Iranian Shah: I know the moment will come when I will return

Jerusalem Post website, 29 June 2009 t%2FPage%2FVideoPlayer&videoId=1245924938004

Shah’s son optimistic about Israel-Iran future

Jerusalem Post website, 26 June 2009


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  3. Nutandyahoo must be on his way out. Mossad prefers Ahmedinejad, with whom they already have an investment in derogation. Mousavi might look liberal to the US mass class and require years of disinformation and sabotage to set up a war with Iran.

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