Iran Election Questions: Noam Chomsky’s Speculation

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June 23, 2009

Here are two short clips I edited and transcribed of Noam Chomsky answering questions about the Iranian elections.
Iranian People Speak:…
Noam Chomsky’s hour interview on WorldStreams Radio on June 17, 2009:
Text of flyer I handed out at Riverside Church on Friday June 12th:


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8 thoughts on “Iran Election Questions: Noam Chomsky’s Speculation

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  2. Always the brilliant, level, analytical, fully informed mind, Chomsky is (& backed by a huge heart).

    It is likely (and yes, a bit scary) that the incumbent did win, & how inept to so obviously steal an election, especially if it didn’t need to be?

    But in the end, the affairs of Iranians are their affairs. Our own democracy is severely compromised. We certainly have shot and hosed and enslaved, massacred and disappeared and shackled our own civilians who rightfully dissented or demonstrated against injustice and oppression, so until each and every one of those Kent State killers are hunted down and put on trial for murder, we are categorically out of the global policing business.

    The USA needs to withdraw it’s militaristic interests from the world stage.

    Today I learned of a young man I know who enlisted, and happy about it, after all that. His father watches focks, yet is disgruntled about te war in Afghanistan (Houston, we have a problem).

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  6. Great collection of information! Something didnt sit right with me when i first saw the mainstream media and our imperialist government supporting a “revolutionary” movement.

    • Thanks, Mitch, I agree with you.

      We must question why all the interest of MSM in this particular protest, when there have been countless protests all over the world and in the US that never get a passing mention.

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