US reneges on Iraq withdrawal promises

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Thu, 25 Jun 2009 14:48:24 GMT

The United States retracts its initial promise of commitment to withdrawing its troops from Iraqi cities by the end of the month of June.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the US military in Iraq, Brigadier General Steve Lanza, said a number of the country’s troops are to remain in the urban areas after the June 30 deadline, Reuters reported.

Earlier, the US commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno, had claimed that the military was ‘absolutely committed’ and had largely honored the US security agreement signed with Baghdad.

The security agreement envisages a withdrawal from the war-torn country.

Lanza cited “stability” concerns for maintaining some troop level in “Joint Security Stations” to train and advise Iraqi security forces.


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3 thoughts on “US reneges on Iraq withdrawal promises

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  2. So, Dems, with the collapse of even the most flimsy promises of the President, what are you going to do Dems?

    Are you going to continue to tell us to be patient, and, to “push” and, worst of all, tell me how much worse Bush was?

    You know, most of these “promises” have dealines–as in people dying! In Iraq–civilians (which we’re trying to “cut back on” in Af-Pak–right), soldiers–mostly poor and otherwise unemployed, corporate
    “heatlh care” (80,000 a year, by some est.),the so-called Climate Change Bill (pul-leeze–have you read it??)–we do not have years for this.

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