Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare by Glen Ford

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by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Black Agenda Report
June 24, 2009

“The ‘Obama Effect’ has led to the near-total collapse of the Left.”

As of this writing, the Progressives for Obama website still exists, a relic of Left delusion that should have died of embarrassment months ago. Barack Obama has, indeed, grown in the presidency – but not into the FDR-like figure of his leftish supporters’ imaginations. Nor has his presence in the Oval Office served to spur Blacks and progressives to dramatic action, creating the “push” that Left Obamites had predicted would allow their champion to act on his more “liberal” instincts. Quite the contrary. The “Obama Effect” has led to the near-total collapse of the Left– both its white and Black wings – and made the nation safe for rule by finance capital and militarists.

The military, finance capital and healthcare corporations (insurers are a branch of finance capital) are winning every important battle because, on fundamental issues, President Obama is on their side. It is he who crushed the anti-war bloc in the US. House; who silenced and marginalized single payer advocates, while fawning over health profiteers; who engineered the greatest transfer of wealth in human history to bankers, leaving them free to once again ruin themselves and the rest of us.

So let us give President Obama his due. He not only smashed the Left opposition, he humiliated them.


via Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare | Black Agenda Report

h/t: Bruce Gagnon


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9 thoughts on “Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare by Glen Ford

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  4. It is sad, but true.

    The Blue Dog Dems made it worse, but, with Obama’s presently popularity, the excuse of “he doesnt have the power” is nonsense.

    The “stars should be lined up”, as they say. The Dem Party has no more excuses.

    Shame on the Dems and the webbies and teckies who sold people this sham. Shame on those who alllowed themselves to, once again, be swayed by charm. And shame on those who still insist that it is the fault of people who are impatient or who are not writing enough letters or “pushing Dems enough”.

    I am tired of pushing—just vote for people who will do the right things in exchange for really substantial salaries!! And unbelievable perks…

    what will become of my friends, the Left….

  5. “…leaving them free to once again ruin themselves and the rest of us.”

    Sure thing about ruining us, but “themselves”… I think just the opposite has happened in that regard.

    • John, you have a good point. (am I reading it correctly? I always wonder/….)

      I keep hearing how “the people” didnt do enough..
      I dont know what thep[ercentage was of new people who registered this time, but, I know that it was substantial. People donated, sometimes, $5 a mo from a tiny check.

      The PEOPLE have done their part, if you ask me.

      If the Dems are in no way Left–what good are they? Every bill has been watered down in the name of “bi-partisanship”–and then GOP vote against it, along with half BlueDogs.

      I think, that the truth is, they dont want any of these “progessive” things anyway–all they want is money.

      “What we need is a majority in the House” “what we need is a bigger ,majority” “what we need is the House the, Senate and the presidency”

      :what we need it a bigger majority”

      Sigh. Right.

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