Interview with Gaza 21 from Ramale Jail (McKinney)

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Updated: added video

by Don DeBar
Thu Jul 02, 2009

Former Pacifica Radio and now fired and banned reporter Don DeBar – reporting for – posted the following:

Now playing at – the voice of WBAI-in-Exile (after 4:30 am EDT):

This is a telephone interview with three of the Gaza 21, now being held in an Israeli jail, including former US Congressional Representative and 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguire. They used a cell phone to contact us and we bring you their live sound at the link above.

There were demonstations on both coasts of the US yesterday against the illegal seizure of the Gaza 21 and the humanitarian aid they were bringing to Gaza’s children. They were captured by Israel on the high seas – i.e., kidnapped in international waters.

The detainees asked concerned people to organize a rally wherever they are and call for the immediate release of the Gaza 21 and the crayons and other materials they were bringing to the people of Gaza. Forward pictures, sound, video and other materials from these rallies to for release.

There were a pair of demonstrations in the US calling for the release of the Gaza aid workers. One, in New York, was held outside the Israeli consulate on Second Avenue in Manhattan; it drew more than 250 people, including City Council member Charles Barron and human rights lawyer Roger Wareham. Video of that will be available at later today (02 Jul 2009).

The other rally was held outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles. Sound from that will also be available later today.

MEDIA NOTE: The file is available for broadcast by clicking on and hitting the ON-DEMAND button below the screen. Actuality available upon request via telephone at 914 374-9233 or 914 945-0815.

Don DeBar

914 374-9233





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July 02, 2009


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  7. Good for the Israelis!

    There are methods in place for aide to Gaza that are monitored and controlled by the UN to ensure that the aid actually goes where it belongs instead into Hamas’ hands. The Gaza 21 chose to ignore that and violate the blockade.

    Frankly, since McKinney was on board and she’s a well known and vocal anti-Semite, the “aid” was likely nothing more than supplies for the terrorists of Hamas.

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