Former POTUS candidate celebrates Independence Day in Israeli Prison by Meryl Ann Butler

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by Meryl Ann Butler
July 4, 2009

Former Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney remains in an Israeli prison after the humanitarian aid vessel she was a passenger on was captured by Israeli Occupation Forces. The ship was bringing suitcases of crayons for children, medicine for the ill and dying in Gaza, and bags of cement for reconstruction.

Twenty-one on board the Spirit of Humanity were abducted, including Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire, who said by phone that there were several injuries sustained. She is now on a hunger strike in prison, in support of the people of Gaza. Both she and McKinney have been able to make infrequent cell calls.

If this kind of naval piracy involving another POTUS candidate had happened in Somalia, or North Korea, or Iran, one expects that there would have been a frenzied response: statements by our Secretary of State, by our President, and Navy seals and helicopters swarming the area, and non-stop news coverage until the kidnapped Americans were rescued.


via OpEdNews » Former POTUS candidate celebrates Independence Day in Israeli Prison

h/t: Anita Stewart


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4 thoughts on “Former POTUS candidate celebrates Independence Day in Israeli Prison by Meryl Ann Butler

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  4. First point, Cynthia McKInney and the Green Party were extremely minor players in the Presidential race, hardly worth calling her a candidate, or the Party a political party. If I remember correctly, they couldn’t even pull 10% of the vote.
    Second point, they were told well ahead of time not to go to Gaza. The Israelis have a blockade up for a reason, weapons smuggled into Gaza have been repeatedly used against Israel.
    Third point, there is a huge difference between kidnapped and arrested. McKinney wasn’t kidnapped, she WAS arrested.

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