Interview from a kidnapped passenger, Adie Mormech – Prison Cell, Givon Jail, Ramle, Israel

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Written by Free Gaza Team
Saturday, 04 July 2009 09:45

Adie Mormech, one of over 21 human rights workers and crew taken prisoner on Tuesday 30th June when their boat was forcibly boarded by the Israeli navy, has spoken by mobile phone from his prison cell at Givon jail, Ramle, near Tel Aviv.

Amongst the other prisoners from the Free Gaza Movement boat, Spirit of Humanity, are Nobel Peace prize winner, Mairead Maguire, and former US Congresswoman, Cythnia McKinney. A message from McKinney on 2nd July condemned Israel for its “illegal” action in “dismantl[ing] our navigation equipment” and confiscating both the ship and its cargo of medical aid, childrens’ toys and olive trees.

McKinney went on to say that “State Department and White House officials have not effected our release or taken a strong public stance to condemn the illegal actions of the Israeli Navy of enforcing a blockade of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians of Gaza, a blockade that has been condemned by President Obama.”

The Free Gaza campaign succeeded in entering Gaza by sea on several occasions in 2008, carrying humanitarian aid, medical personnel, journalists and human rights workers. However, later attempts have been met with aggression by the Israeli navy, with one boat, the Dignity, having to seek refuge and repairs in Lebanon after being rammed three times by an Israeli warship.

In a brief interview with Andy Bowman of Manchester’s Mule newspaper (, Mr Mormech gave the following account:

How are you being treated?

It’s bad, but the conditions are OK for me, I’ve not been beaten up, they’re a bit nasty sometimes and when they boarded the boat we had our faces slammed against the floor. It was bad for the older women like Mairead.

The four other UK nationals are in the cell with me. There’s 14 of us in the 7 by 7 meter cell which includes the toilet and shower, so very crowded. It’s very hot and there’s only a tiny window. We get awakened at 6 in the morning for an inspection and have to stand to attention, and then they repeat that at 9 am, and we are only allowed out of the cells for a few hours each day. They keep giving us forms to sign but they are in Hebrew so we don’t. Although I’m able to cope here, other people are less comfortable than me in the situation. If we’re here for a long time – like some of the other people in here have been – then it will be tough.

Have you had access to a lawyer yet?

We have, and at the moment we’re discussing what to do about our deportation. They’ve taken our personal items – laptops, cameras, phones and many other valuables, and we want to find out where these are. They obviously want to deport us as quickly as possible, but some of us are thinking about fighting the deportation. Firstly on the basis that if we get deported we won’t be allowed into the occupied West Bank or Israel for another 10 years, but also, because we didn’t intend to come here to Israel – we intended to go to Gaza, and went directly from international waters into Palestinian waters. There is nothing legal about what Israel has done to us grabbing us like this. We’re considering fighting the deportation on the grounds that we shouldn’t accept and legitimize this barbaric military blockade of Gaza.

If you challenge the deportation could you remain in prison for a while longer?

Yes we could – there’s some people that need to get home, but some will challenge. And for those it will be a few more weeks in prison at least, we expect.

And you?

I’m veering towards challenging it on the basis that it’s a scar on my name to accept that I shouldn’t have been here, but in fact I have every right to go to Gaza just as everyone else does. That’s the whole point of these voyages and that’s the principle we want to stick to.

Have they told you what has happened to the cargo of the boat?

No, we don’t know what they’re doing with it. We’ve been told a lot of lies so far about where we’re going and what’s happening to us, so we just don’t know. They’re already prepared to deprive the people of Gaza of a lot of aid anyway.

What is your message to people back in the UK?

This is not about us here in the cells, it’s about the denial of human rights to the people of Palestine, and in particular the inhumane blockade of Gaza. People must not forget about what is happening to Gaza. At the moment they are even being denied food and medical supplies. After the carnage of the 1500 people killed in January, we won’t forget and we’ll keep on going and keep fighting for the human rights of the people of Palestine.


Israel keeps ex-congresswoman McKinney in custody


Sat, 04 Jul 2009 08:33:47 GMT

A former US lawmaker and a number of other human rights activists remain imprisoned in Israel three days after their failed attempt to break Israel’s Gaza blockade.

Tel Aviv has kept most of the peace activists, seized at sea by the Israeli navy, in custody without providing information on their release.

On Tuesday, Israeli authorities seized a ship carrying relief aid for the blockaded Gaza strip. The vessel was also carrying 21 pro-Palestinian international activists.

Irish Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were among those aboard.


via Israel keeps ex-congresswoman McKinney in custody.


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  5. A must-read article for all those who are still deluded enough to believe that Israel is a country that belongs with the civilized world and respects human rights and the sanctity of human life, which can’t be further from the truth. Israel was built on two dogmas: religion and hyper-nationalism, and both are recipe for tyranny, injustice and racism. These three characteristics describe best and truthfully the moral foundation and the values Israel was founded upon. What decent, civilized nation, with any shred of morality would occupy and pillage other people’s land, kill them and deny them any rights whatsoever, considers them subhuman, degrades and humiliates them on daily basis and practically encourages its citizens to treat them with hate, disrespect and contempt – even teaches its children to hate them, at home and in schools, and the list goes on. Now if that isn’t apartheid at its worst, I don’t know what is. And we in the West, mostly the US now, embrace Israel, nurture and protect it, supply it with the most destructive weapons on earth, and when they commit genocide, we stand by them and justify it one way or another – and we don’t see, as a nation, anything immoral and unethical about our behavior and our pathological protection of Israel. Thomas Jefferson once said that All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Well, the people of good conscience in the US have remained silent for so long, while the others, with less troubled conscience, continued to nurture and feed the quintessential personification of tyranny named Israel, and the result is sheer disgrace and a stigma of shame that the US and Europe have on their conscience. We witnessed, justified and defended one of history’s most despicable and evil acts of outright injustice and wrongdoing against innocent people. And we still, till today, pander to Israel, its sinister powerful lobbyists and its pathologically faithful and loyal supporters in the US government and congress. History isn’t going to be kind to us, and rightfully so.

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