Gareth Porter: McNamara deceived LBJ on Vietnam + McNamara’s mindset

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Updated: July 15, 2009 added Part 2


Part 1

Paul Jay speaks to Garth Porter about former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara who died Monday, July 6th. Porter says that documents he uncovered from the Lyndon B. Johnson library demonstrate that McNamara deceived LBJ over the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In spite of dubious reports that U.S. Navy ships were attacked by North Vietnamese fleet, “[McNamara] went ahead with drafting the strike order for the retaliation that night and actually [sent] that strike order without having basically consulted further with President Johnson about the situation that he now understood of real doubt on the part of the commander on the scene that they had been attacked.”



McNamara’s mindset

Pt 2


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6 thoughts on “Gareth Porter: McNamara deceived LBJ on Vietnam + McNamara’s mindset

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  6. So even if the weather wasn’t involved, how does one isolated issue warrant the illegal bombing of North Vietnam (as if the ‘Hormuz Man’ would have been reason to nuke Iran)? This wasn’t the sinking of the Lusitania!

    If Vietnam had any kind of ‘Domino Effect’, it was the unleashing the unapologetically bloodthirsty, illegal militaristic dogs of war-criminal psychopathology that comprises the entire political stance by the USA in the post WW2 era.

    McNamara was a war-criminal and should have been held accountable in a war-crimes tribunal, as should Chainey and Rummy for fabricating a cause to bomb and occupy Iraq.

    But of course, long after McNamara admitted the Tonkin Incident ‘Never Happened’, long after they LOST this war and evacuated the destroyed former jewel of Indochina, the USA with another war-criminal Secy of Offense, again fabricated a false-flag red-herring for another vast war-crime, and not even a generation hence.

    And still the people enlist, and so still the people are culpable, responsible, rendering under international law each and every enlistee who participated in either of these war-crimes, complicit, culpable and implicated in war-crimes by the USA in which millions of innocents died.

    Go one step further, and render each and every family member who supported their ‘troops’ in these illegal escapades, as well as each and every voter who supported the criminal incumbents after it was known the wars were illegal, similarly culpable, complicit and co-conspiratorial in the wanton bombing murder of millions.

    Bottom line, it’s not just McNamara, its YOU, the PEOPLE who did this, and YOU, the PEOPLE who should pay reparations, accept responsibility.

    Where to next, Amerigaah? Afghanistan, Iran?

    You just vote in the warmongers, and they’ll find someone to nuke on your behalf, so you can watch the movie on CNN.

    It’s gonna be even more fun as the unmanned drones get in full gear, just like a video game, and the brain-dead enlistees won’t have to risk life and limb, just bomb the 3rd word to smithereens.

    Hell, wasn’t the Vietnam War Kool? (Especially when they always play those Hendrix and Credence soundracks over the napalming footage– so cliche at this point, you’d think ‘Machine Gun’ was the sound-track to ‘Top Gun’.

    Enlistees are so thrilled with war, they even see epic anti-war movies like Full Metal Jacket and Born on the Fourth of July as exciting flicks!

    If the horrors suffered by returning Viet-vets didn’t do a thing to staunch the appetite of Amerigaah’s youth for illegal deployments of bombers and bombs, and set right in their minds this myth that the USA is justified in its illegal escapades, then nothing will, certainly not Iraq.

    The more we learn about the lies at the top of both these epic US War-crimes, the more we need to rub the noses of the right wing (whether dem or rethug, same difference, as we see above) in the dung-pile of their collective crimes, and pile on top of them the entire populace of the USA who support, sustain, pay and enlist for war.

    May they all choke on it.

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