The Banks’ Massive Theft By Dennis Kucinich

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By Dennis Kucinich
The Progressive
July 11, 2009

Why we desperately need monetary reform

Congress was taken for a ride, and the American people’s wealth went with it.

So now you have a system of checks and balances. The Treasury writes all the checks, and Congress doesn’t know what the balance is.

Trillions of dollars are being taken both from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which is printing money, which you, the American taxpayer, have to back up.

We need to begin to have a serious discussion of monetary reform because what’s been allowed to happen is that banks have been permitted to create money out of nothing, and they have not held sufficient reserves against their investments that could go sour. This caused the collapse of a financial system that’s being shored up with U.S. tax dollars and with trillions of dollars printed by the Fed as backup.


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9 thoughts on “The Banks’ Massive Theft By Dennis Kucinich

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  8. Am I alone in feeling the bravery of Dennis (which he’d exhibit regardless) is causing the extermination of his entire family? It was one thing when it was one brother, and then a sister, but now another brother?

    I can’t help feeling like this is a stalinist purge.

    Maybe Dennis has done enough (and the people have done enough to ignore him).

    This is hardly a country, nor a constitution, nor a society worth fighting for, let alone sacrificing all of one’s family, ultimately onesself for. The adversary is like the mafia on steroids.

    Google my name, and you’ll find I was an early, and staunch supporter (though certainl there were a whole bunch more contributions than apparrently made the official record).

    Please take care Dennis, this nation is NOT worth getting Wellstoned over!

    • Didn’t think you were the conspiracy-type, Natureboy. I believe there was some suspicion with the first brother’s death but only at the beginning. I feel Dennis has the utmost integrity and is a man of peace, so if he knew or even thought anyone (let alone his own family) would be in life threatening danger because of his actions, he would speak out.

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