2 Honduras Activists Killed; Venezuelan Journalists Expelled; Coup Leaders Hire Top Democrat Lobbyists by Eva Golinger

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Dandelion Salad

by Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
July 13, 2009

Things are getting worse each day inside Honduras. Over the weekend, two well-known social leaders were assassinated by the coup forces. Roger Bados leader of the Bloque Popular & the National Resistance Front against the coup d’etat, was killed in the northern city of San Pedro Sula. Approximately at 8pm on Saturday evening, Bados was assassinated and killed immediately by three gun shots. Bados was also a member of the leftist party, Democratic Unity (Unificación Democrática) and was president of a union representing workers in a cement factory. His death was denounced as part of the ambiance and repressive actions taken by the coup government to silence all dissent.

Ramon Garcia, another social leader in Honduras, was also killed on Saturday evening by military forces who boarded a bus he was riding in Santa Barbara and forced him off, subsequently shooting him and wounding his sister. Juan Barahona, National Coordinator of the Bloque Popular & the National Resistance Front against the coup, stated that these actions are committed by the coup government “as the only way to maintain themselves in power, by terrorizing and killing the people.”


So what’s up with the Clinton advisors and lobbyists hanging out with the coupsters? Obviously, it’s a clear indication of Washington’s support for the coup regime in Honduras, despite the rhetoric we heard last week “condemning the coup” and blah, blah, blah. The real actions show just the opposite: clear, undivided support for Micheletti and a definite rejection of President Zelaya’s return to the presidency in Honduras.




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8 thoughts on “2 Honduras Activists Killed; Venezuelan Journalists Expelled; Coup Leaders Hire Top Democrat Lobbyists by Eva Golinger

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    • I hope this does not presage a return to a rollback of socialism strategy like that employed by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, when unspeakable horrors were committed against the people of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Hugo Chavez is an amazingly courageous man, and has nationalized oil, banking, large corporations and some of the media. The ruling class of the US hate him deeply for this. And now with Evo Morales in Bolivia and Raphael Correa in Equador adopting some of his policies, I am deeply concerned about US military intervention. Just today, I found that Honduran President Zelaya was displeasing some of the Canadian gold mining companies operating there. They were blowing the tops off mountains and poisoning rivers like Darryl Hannah described in West Virginia due to the coal companies there. Zelaya had already committed the sin of trying to raise the minimum wage. The only thing holding them back is public opinion. The US must have a very good pretext for intervention- probably drugs. I don’t care if Barack Obama is liberal and black. I don’t trust him any further than I can throw a piano. I hope Hugo Chavez is preparing and arming the ordinary citizens.

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  7. Thanks for posting. News about the Honduran coup has faded fast from the pages of most mainstream presses. Unlike in Iran, where Americans welcomed protests against boogey man Ahmadinejad, we are more or less happy to let Micheletti stay in power. After all, Zelaya was a budding socialist and therefore a would-be dictator by definition …

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