Honduras coup leader ready to quit

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Dandelion Salad

Thu, 16 Jul 2009 06:57:46 GMT

Micheletti says he will only step down so long as the deposed president Manuel Zelaya refrains from reclaiming power.

Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti sets conditions for his departure following weeks of political turmoil in the Central American state. Micheletti said he would only step down so long as the deposed president Manuel Zelaya refrains from reclaiming power.

Micheletti expressed willingness to leave “at some point that decision is needed to bring peace and tranquility to the country, but without the return, and I stress this, of former President Zelaya.”


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12 thoughts on “Honduras coup leader ready to quit

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  5. The first comment has everything right. It seems incredible that the US has never managed to get Latin American foriegn policy correct. Supporting money over people is never going to engender good will for the US. The US needs to learn that it does not live in a vacumn.

  6. KDelphi,

    Dandelion Salad is the author of the post’s title and the Socialist (self-proclaimed and unashamed) in question.

    It was unsurprising that she would describe any action by the Honduran government that ousted the Socialist Zelaya as a coup.

    • FYI, I did not make the title of this piece or most any of the posts here. Rarely do I change a title from what the original author has made. Occasionally will abbreviate but never to mislead. I may be a Socialist, but many or most of the posts are written by non-Socialists. I could use more Socialists for writers here.

      Te term “coup” has been used by many writers/journalists to describe the removal of the president of Honduras. I don’t believe I wrote any posts on this topic. Please check the “by lines” at the beginning of the posts.

    • The title is “Honduran coup leader ready to quit”–I dont understand what you are saying…so, you are saying that the coup leader is a socialist? or that Zelaya is or what?? Most USAns wouldnt know a socialist of they bit them in the ass…still being wrapped up in Cold War era faux patriotism and “greatest countery ever on face of earth” crap.

      PROUD SOCIALIST (eco-socialist!) here, for many years, but , never more proudly than lately…we should be as lucky as the French or Danes (Ive lived in one of those countries and visited the other).

      Too many here think that theyre “self-made”, which the rest of the world sees correctly as Social Darwinism…

  7. Who said Micheletti is a socialist? He would seem to be a fascist, taking over with corporate, US-backed military power..even the article says this:

    “There has been no immediate response from the exiled Zelaya, who is accused of advancing far-left socialist agenda.”

    He is not a “sociaist” either—he merely decided against US-type “free” trade agreements and indicated he wished Honduras to join ALBA with Venezuela and others.

    This stinks of CIA and School of the Americas…now, the “interim president”‘s publicists are hiring some old Clinton boys…viva Hillary! (not!)

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