Bill Moyers Journal: Money and Health Reform

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Bill Moyers Journal
July 17, 2009

A Bill Moyers Essay.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS.

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7 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: Money and Health Reform

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  4. I cant get the video to download, but I saw the show…it was very good and very sad.

    It is sad that the “health reform” debate has become solely about MONEY. Its easy to “save money” on health care–just keep denying people care and let them die in the street…the focus should be 1) on getting people covered for ALL necessary medicine and THEN, 2) figuring out how to pay for it.

    With Capitalism, too often, issues just boil down to that–money. It is all that is real to some Capitalists.

    “free” mkt: 1000
    people: 1 (Kucinich’s amendment )

    Not too good, so far.

    • The video works, just checked it, but thanks for letting me know as oftentimes they don’t work for some reason or other.

      You are right on about capitalism, it’s all bottom line: profit.

      • Oh, I just meant that I cant watch them, most of the time…not enough RAM, too small a HD and pc is about 10 yrs old!

        • Oh, thanks for explaining what you meant. For all of the Moyers Journal and Democracy Now! posts I put the links to their page(s) where the transcripts are located. Unfortunately most of the rest of the videos like from Youtube or Google don’t have transcripts available.

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