No Wonder the Israelis Didn’t Want Photos Taken by Cynthia McKinney + Israeli warships attack Gaza coastline

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Cynthia McKinney (OFFICIAL)

by Cynthia McKinney
July 17, 2009

The Viva Palestina convoy, led by George Galloway, is about to leave Gaza after having been permitted to enter for a period of 24 hours after waiting 11 days in Cairo for permission to enter Gaza. That in and of itself is a major story when expanded to include the inability of Gazans to exit The Strip–even if only to enter another part of their country, the West Bank or to move about freely in the fictional “Palestinian State.” I say fictional because it continues to dwindle even while peace talks are underway. Fictional, because Palestinian elections deemed by international observers to be free and fair, don’t count if the US- and Israel-approved party loses, and the winners get to sit for years in an Israeli jail. Fictional, because they use Israel’s currency here, the shekel, and the international roaming on our US cell phones indicates calls are from Israel.

Gaza is beautiful. Gaza is full of life, despite Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. And now, I have seen, Gaza has been bombed to smithereens. I think I’ve mastered my video camera enough to share some images with you. I’ll post them on the sites below when I return. In the meantime, my fellow Americans and citizens of the world, we have a lot to do to put right all the wrong things done in our name. Much love to all of you who helped me, guided me, prayed for me, to make this successful entry into Gaza happen.

Viva Palestina!!
Free Gaza!!


Israeli warships attack Gaza coastline

Fri, 17 Jul 2009 12:21:49 GMT

The coastline along the Gaza Strip has come under the fire of patrolling Israeli warships which invariably monitor the shores.

The barrages, which had taken aim at vast swathes of the littoral area on Friday, caused no casualties, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency quoted locals as saying.

Doctor Muawiyah Hassanein, the director of the Gazan Health Ministry’s Emergency and Ambulance Services confirmed there had been no casualties.

The naval bombardments frighten off the local fishermen further restricting the sources of livelihood for the blockaded sliver.

The patrols have been staged on a regular basis since the recent three-week-long Israeli attacks on the strip which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and left thousands of others injured.

via Israeli warships attack Gaza coastline.

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6 thoughts on “No Wonder the Israelis Didn’t Want Photos Taken by Cynthia McKinney + Israeli warships attack Gaza coastline

  1. Mary’s post is a perfect example of what happens when sheer total ignorance of basic facts, that aren’t even debated any more among people of mediocre intelligence and simple knowledge of history, meets unadulterated hate and blind racism and fanaticism. Each and every part of her post was incorrect and mere blatant lies, which I will not even dignify with any further comment. She, and the many other sorry excuses for human beings, think they are doing Israel a favor by reciting and repeating non-sensical, reprehensible lies and ideology that is devoid of any shred of humanity, decency and justice, that are predicated on an alleged promise from God, of a land that doesn’t belong to them, or at least hasn’t for thousands of years. How sad and abhorrent of the children of the Holocaust victims, when they act no better, and even worse, in some instances, than the Nazis they purport to hate and despise for their barbarism and cruelty. It is so ironic that those who won’t stop playing the victim of the Nazis, themselves are just as brutal, without a glimmer of understanding that. Conscience is the greatest gift to have, when activated and functioning properly, and a terrible sad thing to lose and forgo for failed, pathetic and apartheid-like ideology.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Walid. Thank you for your comment. I didn’t know where to start on Mary’s comment, as it was all propaganda and like you said “hate” filled. How can any person start off with calling all the Palestinian people terrorists? Not all of any group or sub-group of people are all of anything. Most people in the world just want to live in peace with their neighbors.

      Perhaps I should have deleted her comment? There is a rating system that just only yesterday began for posts, pages and comments, so maybe if readers choose to “vote” on the various posts and comments that will help me decide what content to have here on DS.

  2. I think it only fair to point out something that seems to have been forgotten by certain people. The Palestinians are terrorists – just think back to the bombings in London a few years back. Israel is a sovereign state and the amount of land given to her has been chipped away constantly over the years. The so-called Palestinians lived in Jordan in the early ’60’s and were thrown out by King Hussein because they were causing such unrest in that country. Yasser Arafat was the recipient of millions of dollars in aid for the Palestinian people – aid from America and the EU out of the pockets of hardworking people. When he died he had millions stashed away in private bank accounts in Switzerland – his wife and daughter lived in a Paris hotel to the tune of thousands of dollars per week. Why do you people not protest about the situation in Zimbabwe, Indonesia and any one of a dozen or so countries around the world. When Israel releases Palestinian prisoners, she releases hundreds of them, I’ve yet to learn of the Palestinians releasing any Israeli prisoners not even the one captured when they dug a tunnel into Israel a few years back – his parents have still not heard if he is alive or not. Israel is a country smaller than Wales in the UK and the Arabs own 55 million acres of land. Ask yourself, why the Arabs haven’t helped the ‘poor Palestinians’ – it would be a simple thing for them. No matter what you read they want to annihilate all the Jews – it’s an argument that goes back thousands of years.

  3. So where are they now ??? I haven’t seen word one on any news broadcast anywhere—-not even Al Jazeera !!!!

    And Cynthia McKninney—–did they keep her Dumba$$ in Gaza ???

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