Coup Regime Rejects Proposed Solution; Arias: Resolve Or Face Civil War

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Dandelion Salad

by Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
Sunday, July 19, 2009

The talks are finished for now, with no resolution. The coup regime in Honduras, which ousted President Zelaya exactly 3 weeks ago, has rejected the 7-point proposal put forth by designated mediator Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica. Zelaya’s delegation in Costa Rica had earlier stated they had accepted the proposal, but later said they accepted debating the proposal, and didn’t comment on whether or not they had unconditionally accepted all seven terms laid out by Arias.

The coup regime today introduced a counter-proposal, which would not have allowed for President Manuel Zelaya’s return to the presidency, but would have allowed his return to Honduras, to be tried and imprisoned for alleged constitutional violations. The coup regime and those participants in the June 28th coup d’etat that involved the violent kidnapping and forced exile of President Zelaya, have claimed that a coup did not take place, but rather a “rescue” of the constitutional. They claim that President Zelaya was violating the constitution by proposing a non-binding national survey on the possibility of future constitutional reform. Most strange in this claim is that a non-binding survey, which means it doesn’t legally matter what the outcome is, to consult the people’s will regarding their constitution, is somehow a violent crime that justifies kidnapping, forced exile, and 3 weeks of imposed national curfew, suspension of constitutional rights and repression of the people. Who are the real criminals?


via Coup Regime Rejects Proposed Solution To Crisis In Honduras; Arias Calls For 72 More Hours To Resolve Or Face Civil War


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3 thoughts on “Coup Regime Rejects Proposed Solution; Arias: Resolve Or Face Civil War

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  2. It is predictable that the Honduran thugs who instituted the coup would not negotiate in good faith. They know they have the secret backing of the United States government and military. President Zelaya tried to do a forbidden thing -help the poor by raising the minimum wage for Chiquita and Dole workers. Former President Aristide of Haiti tried to raise the wages of Disney workers in Haiti and ended up in Africa, courtesy of the United States. The profits of multinational corporations matter a great deal to the United States-the poor matter the least, regardless of US politicians’ endless lying to the contrary. If a country wants to help the poor, it better have a strong army dedicated to the right ideals, an armed militia of the people, a media that tells the truth and possibly nuclear weapons. Otherwise, a US inspired coup will happen or the country may be invaded like Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq twice, or Afghanistan.

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