Max Keiser: Paulson, Super Schnook and Crook

Dandelion Salad

July 17, 2009

Pt 2-4




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8 thoughts on “Max Keiser: Paulson, Super Schnook and Crook

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  8. Max Keiser consistently provides outstanding economics analysis/education. His analysis with regard to control of the US (to some extent, that of the world) is insightful and easily understood by the non-economist. Once the general public understands this fact, it can also understand why the US Legislative bodies either do the wrong thing(s) as representatives of the American citizenry or they do nothing. Of course, B Obama’s behavior suggests that he is the GS chief shill since Bush abdicated the throne. One wonders whether the superb Harvard educations to which the occupiers of the Presidency had been exposed earlier in their careers was really necessary in order for them to follow orders of the bankster crooks so faithfully; their Ivy League (Yale/Harvard) educations certainly did not seem to have enabled any exceptional insight into (or instilled any semblance of ethical behavior as regards) their decision making actions. Though Obama is a great speaker it is unfortunate that the stuff his writers tell him to say frequently does not quite jive with the programs which GS-appointed enablers intend to carry out.

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