Sri Lanka’s dangerous silence by Suren Surendiran

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Thanks to Suren Surendiran who sent the link to DS.  His website:

by Suren Surendiran
Monday 20 July 2009 12.34 BST

The conflict is over – now the international community must make sure Tamils get the help they desperately need

Many people are in the camps not because they have no other place to go… They are in the camps because the government does not allow them to leave. — Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch

The Paris-based non-governmental organisation Action Contre la Faim ACF last week accused the Sri Lankan government’s presidential commission of inquiry of failing to identify the people responsible for the killing of 17 aid workers in August 2006, calling it one of the “most serious crimes ever committed against an NGO” and reiterating its calls to the European Union for an “internationalised inquiry into this massacre”.

The government of Sri Lanka continues its farce on the world media stage, parading the five detained Tamil doctors who retracted statements they made on the number of civilian causalities during the final stages of the conflict and prompting calls by Amnesty International for an “independent inquiry” into war crimes. Despite the renunciation by the doctors, who remain in custody and apparently under duress, the UN, aid workers and an investigation by the Times have corroborated the true extent of civilian casualties during the final onslaught.


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