stimulator: The Present Insurrection

Dandelion Salad

July 20, 2009…
This Week:

1. State of the Future Report
2. Obama Acts on Climate Change
3. The Gangstas meet again
4. Le Boom Boom!
5. Squatting an airport
6. Earth First! blockade
7. EnCana’s holey pipeline
8. Bobby Mac eats it
9. Jedi Mind Tricks
10. Defending the resistance


Gareth Porter: McNamara deceived LBJ on Vietnam + McNamara’s mindset

McNamara Dies at 93: A Look at His Legacy With Howard Zinn, Marilyn Young & Jonathan Schell

Pentagon Rebrands Protest as “Low-Level Terrorism” by Tom Burghardt

Obama Administration Targets Environmental and Animal Rights Activists as Eco-Terrorists by Stephen Lendman