Independence from the Great Satan: The Stakes are High

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July 21, 2009

Got international solidarity? Capitalists are vampires – parasites who view us as nothing more than livestock to feed off of and have dominion over.

Corporations have used the government and media as instruments to destroy the US labor movement. We must rebuild it. Organizing is not easy in a capitalist society. Since a capitalist system pits workers against each other, we’ll need to learn how to cooperate rather than compete. Forming an organization, union, or cooperative is a first step.

During the height of our concern over the Iranian elections, Peruvians were being massacred in the name of US free trade interests. In what’s been called “The Amazon’s Tiananmen,” Hundreds of indigenous people blocking Shell Oil from raping the Amazon were murdered by police. However, we were instead focused on Iran because they’re the declared enemy of our capitalist overlords.

Still, I will give credit where it’s due. If the traditional media was correct about one thing during their frenzy over “Iran’s Twitter Revolution”, it was their own insufficience. Unlike the dying corporate media, twitter and the internet in general have proved to be useful, democratizing tools. Never in the history of the world have the proletariat been so connected to each other, AND YET we still lack a strong global movement. The internet can either help us escape reality or transform it.

We must recognize our unique role as individuals within the international movement. As Marx said, “the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.” When individual workers thrive in the belly of the beast, they can enable that prosperity to translate to the entire global collective. As Americans, we hold a higher level of responsibility since our actions have the potential to dramatically transform the rest of the world.

We live in the Americas where the greatest disparity between rich and the poor exists, yet we are not class conscious. Americans feel more solidarity with Obama than with a so-called insurgent in Iraq.

However, when people push reform to the limit and government won’t concede any further, they realize revolution is needed to dismantle that roadblock. Workers in America must come to that realization soon if international movements of the Left are to succeed. The head vampire must be killed once and FOR ALL.

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  3. True stuff … I might even surf to the YouTube-page and add this to my favorites at mythmanjay; but careful (biblical?) listening (‘having an ear that I might hear’) reveals a solution much like that which the prophet Nehemiah gave to his nation: for each house/individual to build its own protection-wall.

    This came to my mind when ManilaRiceTLM stated that revolution comes from below while tyranny floats above (occasionally raining down terror-etc. from its loft upon the mountain of B.S. that got it up there).

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