Punk Patriot: Is the GOP racist? + Wall St + Exxon sabotages their own wells

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July 23, 2009

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Is the GOP racist?: VP of the Young Republicans, Audra Shay, fucks up real bad on Facebook

Wall Street: Goldman Sachs exceeds earnings expectations

More Wall Street: Morgan Stanley’s “new” financial product

Greenwashing Beer: German Beer Brewers claim to have made Beer “good for the environment”

Corporate Douche-Baggery: Exxon sabotages their own wells and pollutes like a mother fucker

Nominal Things Obama is doing to make things suck slightly less: Obama wants to get rid of the Terror Alert Color Coded System

Wal*Mart: Wal*Mart supports employer mandate because they would gain an edge on the competition


Wall Street’s Love Affair with Ben Bernanke by Mike Whitney

Max Keiser: Paulson, Super Schnook and Crook

Max Keiser: Goldman Sachs should be taken up on financial terrorism charges!

Kucinich keeps Single-Payer healthcare alive by Michael Carmichael

Tax the rich to pay for health care? + Weiner Blasts the Critics of Health Reform

Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold + Take Action

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