Rick Wolff: Worse is yet to come

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July 27, 2009

Rick Wolff: Upswing in stocks comes from profits due to cutbacks and concessions, worse is yet to come


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7 thoughts on “Rick Wolff: Worse is yet to come

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  3. Workers are the company.

    All sides would need to see production as a collective endeavor, all profits and all liabilities mutually shared or there will always be conflicts of interest.

    The concept of ‘secure jobs’ is a myth. If we have to work in production, Workers should do better than sit on boards, workers should be the board, and the board should be workers.

    If production requires workers, shareholders and executives can’t ‘own’ those efforts any more than workers can expect to be reliably employed.

    If the staff were enfranchised, the sacrifice of hard times would not be exploitative, and the mutual investment would yield mutual success when prosperity returns.

    It should be more like a family farm than a plantation. This is the way village/community life was designed to function.

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