Knesset speaker: The dream of an Israel on both sides of the Jordan River is more relevant today

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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Dandelion Salad
30 June 2009


map of 'Greater Israel'

map of 'Greater Israel'

1) Knesset speaker: Jabotinsky relevant today (22 July 2009)

2) Jordanian lawmakers demand freeze of peace pact with Israel (27 July 2009)

3) After Palestine, Israel eyes Jordanian land (20 July 2009)


Knesset [Israeli Parliament] speaker: Jabotinsky relevant today

by Amnon Meranda, Ynetnews, 22 July 2009

“ [Zionist leader Jabotinsky] dreamed of a Jewish state on the whole territory of the Land of Israel on both sides of the Jordan [River]. This dream, in my eyes, was too big for us” […] [said Israeli President Peres].

Knesset [Israeli Parliament] Speaker Reuven Rivlin said in response […] “Jabotinsky was not wrong, Mr. President. He is relevant today more than any other time in our nation’s history.”


Jordanian lawmakers demand freeze of peace pact with Israel

Monster and Critics, 27 July 2009

Twenty Jordanian lawmakers, angered by newspaper remarks by an Israeli parliamentarian, have introduced a bill in parliament calling for a ‘freeze’ of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994, parliamentary sources said Monday.

The motion was in response to last week’s remarks by the Speaker of the Israeli [Parliament] Knesset Reuven Rivlin supportive of expanding Israel to include territories now under Jordan’s sovereignty. […]

The Jordanian lawmakers urged the government to […] file a complaint with the UN Security Council over the Israeli encroachments that jeopardise Jordan’s security.’ […]


After Palestine, Israel eyes Jordanian land

Press TV, 20 July 2009

[…] Tel Aviv takes a step to purchase dozens of properties in Jordan to further expand its territory. The Israel Land Fund, which promotes Jewish construction and has bought land and dozens of houses in occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank, is planning to bring Jews from European countries to purchase dozens of properties once owned by Jews in neighboring Jordan.

“There are thousands of Jewish properties in Jordan which were purchased during the Ottoman era and under the British mandate. We have records of the ownership […] We are trying to bring Jews from European countries to purchase property which we locate in Jordan” […], chairman of the extreme-right Jewish organization Arieh King told AFP. […]

Earlier in 1967, the Israel Land Fund purchased the occupied territory in the West Bank which had been earlier seized from Jordan. […]

While Palestinians have long been fighting to win back their territory for “a future state”, far-right Jews are determined to keep the land in hopes of achieving what they describe as a “Greater Israel.”

Historically, the concept of a “Greater Israel” also included occupation of Jordanian land.


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3 thoughts on “Knesset speaker: The dream of an Israel on both sides of the Jordan River is more relevant today

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  2. So many ways to grab more land, so many ways to obstruct peace. Israel is not interested in any solution, not a one-state or a two-state; they want only to continue expanding, as evidenced by these articles, the events in Occupied Jerusalem and the refusal to stop building settlements there and in the West Bank. They prefer to scatter the Palestinians into little fiefdoms where the IDF can enter at will, where all borders and all water resources can be controlled. Hamas remains in power because Israel wants them there, to be the “terrorists” they require in order to justify maintaining the status quo, and this is why Israel will not remove the blockades. If Israel removes the blockades and goods flow freely into Gaza, the Gazans will no longer need to rely upon Hamas tunnels to get the things they need. Thus, Hamas would lose power, and Israel can’t have that. Israel must ensure that there is an enemy “whose purpose is to destroy Israel.” Very clever of them.

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