Beyond Sicko: What you really need to know about health-care reform by Heather Wokusch

By Heather Wokusch
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Heather Wokusch
August 2, 2009


Part 1 of Beyond Sicko: What you really need to know about health-care reform. This four-part series was recorded at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in mid-July 09 and discusses what is wrong with the current US health-care system and concrete ideas about how to fix it – as well as tips for effective activism. Part 1 covers WHO study putting USA at #37 internationally and how ideas from other countries can benefit the US health-care system. Host: Heather Wokusch, Guest: Beth Hart, Producer/Director: Gloria Messer.

Part 2 looks at preventive medicine, the power of US pharmaceutical companies and questionable choices of the Obama administration and the Senate Finance Committee.

Part 3 looks at questionable choices of the Obama administration, US military spending and the whole issue of socialism. Some action tips are given.

Part 4 looks at employer-based insurance, the single-payer system, HR676 and preventive medicine. Action tips are given.


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from the archives:

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  7. You are right about personal responsibility. But there is a yin-yang with the environment that America doesn’t want to talk about. We don’t print warnings about fat, sugar, the need for a balanced diet and eating fruits and vegetables at the bottom of McDonald’s TV ads like they do in France. McDonalds is treated like cigarettes there. Not that many people take the subway or ride their bike to work. Not that many people feel they _can_.

    And, of course, a good part of personal responsibility is _preventive_ health. How many people don’t go for check-ups because they don’t have spare money for _any_ co-pays even if they have health insurance?

  8. All good point brought up here; however, there is no mention made of people taking resposnsibility for their own health, learning about eating properly and diet, and not letting prepared and junk foods destroy health. I would venture to say that how Americans eat is the largest factor in the overpriced health system in the US. Nevertheless, single payer is the only logical system to go with..

    The media has a majority responsibility for the ill health of America by allowing adds nutritionally void to negative nutrition products.

    • Part of a comprehensive preventative health care program would address diet/excercise/personal lifestyle as a strategy to better health. Many of my patients just need education. They don’t get that when the ER is their primary care provider because they have no health care.
      It’s time to stop feeding the pockets of health care insurance executives. Our employers need to spend that money on paying us not the big health care/pharmaceutical corporations.

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