Thom Hartmann: The Crisis of Western Culture (must-see)

– July 30, 2009

Interview with Thom Hartmann author of “Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture”


The Great Tax Con Job By Thom Hartmann

3 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann: The Crisis of Western Culture (must-see)

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  2. Brilliant guy, with sobering ideas and intelligent analysis.

    The Western culture messed up badly with the natural order of things pertaining to other cultures. We, arrogantly and ignorantly, presumed, and still do, to know what’s best for the world, and that is to emulate our culture, emulate us, our ways, our sanctimonious values and beliefs, and our life style. in the process, we exported to them all the other ugly things in our culture that were not indigenous to theirs, that just didn’t fit their cultural make up and formula, based on which their cultures were built, flourished and built great civilizations of their own.

    We, in the West, committed what is tantamount to a cultural genocide, when we imposed our technically advanced, yet highly dysfunctional culture, which succeeded in some ways and failed miserably in other, onto the many other cultures of the world, literally by force – economic, military etc.

    We presumed to know what’s best for them, and how they should think, act and be, and that we had an exclusive monopoly on the truth, God, good values, and knowing what’s right and wrong for all humanity.

    Our arrogance was atrocious, and the liberties we took in trying to transform cultures and realities of others have brought them nothing but virtual slavery, disasters, wars, famine, diseases and the ugliest, meanest and most hypocritical of values.

    We owe the world one giant apology for the hell we brought down on it, and we still do. May we be spared the karma of our abhorrent actions, and may the world be spared all the atrocities that we may still inflict upon it.

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