Ron Paul: Cash for Clunkers + Senate to vote on $2 billion for ‘clunkers’ after GOP caves

August 03, 2009

Dr. Paul explains why “Cash for Clunkers” hurts poor people and is bad for the economy.


Senate to vote on $2 billion for ‘clunkers’ after GOP caves

By David Lightman
McClatchy Newspapers
August 04, 2009

The Senate will approve another $2 billion for the popular “cash for clunkers” program, probably by the end of the week, confident Democrats predicted Tuesday as Republican efforts to block the funding faded.


Many GOP senators, and some Democrats, still had reservations about adding the funding for the program.

“I understand why people like free money. I like free money too. This is part of an unfortunate trend towards reckless spending,’ said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas.

“People need to know what’s next. Cash for shoes? Cash for groceries?” added Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala.

Any senator could still stop the process with procedural roadblocks; it takes only one dissident lawmaker to impede progress on most legislation. Those who were expected to provide resistance, however, seemed to be more conciliatory Tuesday.


via Senate to vote on $2 billion for ‘clunkers’ after GOP caves | McClatchy.


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One thought on “Ron Paul: Cash for Clunkers + Senate to vote on $2 billion for ‘clunkers’ after GOP caves

  1. As Dr. paul knows, if we stopped the military mania, we’d be able to get new, efficient company cars for everyone. Better we should stop needing to speed around in automobiles.

    For all his observations about the bogus printing of fiat money, the nation made more wealth (however you want to count it), and there were real costs, in material, environment, mass genocide, resources, and wage-slaves, as well as real slaves.

    The wealth was there, his ideology just gave it on up to the robber class. Don’t begrudge people a trade up to a better car, this is the very least of the federal money games. A Billion or few is chump change, even to some individuals.

    There was a Modern Marvels on the air-car. Still don’t believe it works, but if it does, that is the sort of thing the government should be trading for clunkers!

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