Guantánamo Bay: the inside story by Naomi Wolf

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This is good, I suggest reading the entire piece.  ~ DS

by Naomi Wolf
Times Online
July 25, 2009

There’s a McDonald’s on the high street, suburban houses, rats the size of dogs, and 229 of the world’s most high-profile prisoners. Six months after President Obama declared that he would close it down, Naomi Wolf heads to Guantánamo Bay to see whether anything has changed

Six months ago this week President Obama, on his second day in office, promised to close the Guantánamo detention camp within a year, and to undo the secretive and coercive detention and interrogation policies of George W. Bush. But has Obama been as good as his word?


As the military handlers made pleasant jokes about the heat, I took in a low-tech vision of Hell. This was the site of the first scenes from Guantánamo, where men sweltered in kennel-like cages. These were the cages themselves: about 50, each about 8ftx12ft, an aisle down the centre for guards to move in, a slab of corrugated iron on top of each cell, and a pipe with a funnel at groin level, in which to urinate; open to the elements; no walls, no true shade. Concrete floors. There had been buckets for defaecation, MC1 Dwight told us; but the prisoners had thrown the faeces at the guards. There was a communal shower, now crumbling — but the prisoners had not liked to shower in groups, naked.


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2 thoughts on “Guantánamo Bay: the inside story by Naomi Wolf

  1. I appreciate all the honesty and hard work you have put into this inside story. With the research I’ve done in an attempt to Free Fayiz al Kandari from Gtmo, I haven’t found any reason to continue this hell hole. No evidence, no witnesses and no excuses to continue the detention of the uncharged and untried detainees. Someone in this administration must open this can of worms. I fear for all our freedoms when they can confine without due process.

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