Countdown: Erik Prince and “Bloodwater”

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August 06, 2009

Child Prostitution, Illegal Weapons & Murder! Yep! Sounds Like “Christian” Crusaders To Me! COMING SOON!!!
August 06, 2009 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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Obama Continues To Pay Blackwater (Christian Crusaders) Millions To Be In Iraq

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder by Jeremy Scahill


6 thoughts on “Countdown: Erik Prince and “Bloodwater”

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  4. Wow!!
    Thugs, mercenaries and shady psychopathic characters, who are devout Christians, of course. We dealt with and allowed such blood-thirsty criminals to operate and kill arbitrarily in Iraq, as they pleased. Talk about your moral high ground here – we ought to be proud of ourselves, don’t you think?

    Why do I get the feeling that our beloved right-wing evangelical Republican psychos were happy and supportive of the role these guys were playing in Iraq.

    How on earth, can our government have any dealings and contracts with such human insane garbage, and let them loose to satisfy their crazy insatiable thirst for just killing, killing innocent Iraqi civilians – while making a lot of money while they were doing that. And to add insult to injury, they are still in Iraq doing what they do best and love to do, with our knowledge and blessings.

    Does the Obama administration, which I came to respect – al least much more than the Bush administration – know about that? How can they not, for they are supposed to know everything that takes place there. So my question is how they still allow that, and where they stand on this one.I really would like to know the answer to that.

    Dealing with killers and allowing them to go on killing after you’ve gotten the power to stop it is no less criminal, no matter the justification.

    • Obama and his administration are well aware of the use of these mercenaries. Iraq’s govt attempted to throw them out last year or the year before (obviously it didn’t work). I remember Obama being questioned during the campaign about whether or not he would keep Blackwater in Iraq (and elsewhere).

      These particularly bloodthirsty so-called “Christians” do not represent the teachings of Jesus! They will have to answer to God.

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