Health care reform: It’s all about money!

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August 06, 2009

Fault Lines looks at the US health care system, expose its cracks, and uncover the forces that are spending millions of dollars every day to influence the debate over the US health care reform.

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Pt 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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from the archives:

Sicko by Michael Moore (full movie)

13 thoughts on “Health care reform: It’s all about money!

  1. thanks to ds and nature boy–it does suck. I wont let it make me give up…ive decided on that much

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  3. Speaking of ‘health” (? I guess?) since i posted here when I found out, I wanted to let you know, ds, that, the drs at CCF (Cleveland) have decided that,. given teh location, they will “manage it conservatively?” which basically means, “watch and wait”—I THINK thats good…I dreaded the thought of craniotomy, which is how most of these are managed.

    I have to keep going back to see that it isnt growing….thanks for being supportive….I was really freaking out–as anyonme would, I think….still am, but apparently alot of people do “fine” this way….shit…but gotta get on with it, I guess….

    • Thanks for the update, KDelphi. Please know I’m thinking of you and praying for you. I do hope this is indeed good news for you. It must be very scary for you.

    • Hope you don’t forget to Google every possible search,

      The cutting edge of medical research is largely online. My own cousin was given months to live, I found a cutting edge therapy online, in this case a photodynamic therapy that actually worked.

      (Unfortunately the neuropathy from the platinum-based chemo drugs leaves him in permanent excruciating pain).

      The internet is an incredible tool, this as an amazing moment in medical research.

      Check out Rexin-G.

  4. sorry, ds…i was just amazed, and he keeps saying he’s not “trying to convince anyone”, but he keeps trying to convince me! lol

    Look, I’m glad that some people in rural areas get SOMETHING. I am just afraid that charity prolongs the time we have to wait for justice and gives people like him an excuse to feel self-righteous. He just really jumped my ass….

  5. Thanks for this…I think that few people are aware of the “politics” of RAM. (although they claim to “have none”–they are perfectly good at sending you pages of Cold War style jingoism and rage at anyone who thinks that health care is a human right)I have been in an ongoing “battle of words” with RAM, over whether health care is a human right. His rhetoric is quite unbelievable—he thinks that ihealth care is a “good” and says that in countries where people think it is a “right”–they do not return! “People are ungrateful, blah, blah blah…” (!!)

    He also practically broke his arm patting himself on the back. This guy believes in HIS “charity”–not justice.

    If you believe in universal care, you are a Marxist to him—which is fine with me. I think that the word should get out as to how this organization feels about health care as a “good” or charitable gift.
    His logic is incomprehensible to me and I have given up arguing with him. I first saw him on Democracy Now! and got in touch with him to see if a friend of mine could bring in a video crew after I had suggested that Pres. Obama spend his wknd in nearby Va. at Wise County Fairgrounds watching RAM–they sent me a nasty email about “promoting my political agenda” and “trying to make slaves of doctors”. They have been so nasty about it, I feel compelled to get the word out.

    Thanks for letting me….btw–I really enjoyed the rest of it…lol If youd like to read some of his letters to me, I’d be glad to forward them—he didnt say not to! They are quite something….

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