Olbermann’s Special Comment: This Terrible Moment In American History & Those Who Have Brought Us To It!

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August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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12 thoughts on “Olbermann’s Special Comment: This Terrible Moment In American History & Those Who Have Brought Us To It!

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  6. natureboy –last night i called into a rather right wing talk show nationwide and said that i as a left winger i applaud my fellow brothers and sisters on the right for at least taking their obligations seriuosly and standing up and speaking their minds . becuase Obama has coopted the left , and put them to sleep .
    speaking out is not just a right but an obligation . look at all the millions of americans that dont speak out . what does that tell you . that is what you should be alarmed about .
    it is imperativer that you understand natureboy that when 3rd partys and independent candidates are muzzled by the media and the corporations and the 2 party system that people are gonna have to have some kind of out let.
    have you ever considered this : those in power are not our leaders , but rather those who are speaking out . without dissent we get the Orwellian nightmare. DISSENT IS NOT OPTIONAL ! damn straight i support those who are speaking out. do i agree with them / NO ! but at least they are practicing their rights . and the bill of rights includes the 2nd amendment too!

    • I would concur on theoretical grounds, but this culture never even rises to the level of theory. It is a mob, and mobs don’t speak out nor reason, they condone violence, lynchings, witch hunts, etc.

      I don’t think Obama co-opted the left, i don’t even know what the ‘left’ is, and whether as a movement it exists to any activist degree. Obama supporters don’t appear to be leftists, just people who were tired of Botch, a fashion trend, and more of the same blind-faith followers of preachers.

      What did we get from the ‘left’ during 7 long years of US atrocity in Iraq? The sainted Medea Benjamin and code pink standing alone, trying to illustrate the blood that was being illegally and murderously spilled, yet never did they bring a friggin’ GUN!

      There is a point to dissent, the word itself refers to disagreement, to with-hold assent. But that implies intelligence, a debate, an understanding of the facts, and a rational discourse, and ultimately if needed a popular demonstration of public opinion in the service of justice.

      This is not what is happening here.

      I think Glen Greenwald in my link above nails it in his analysis of the complete lack of logic going on in this coalition of conservative corporate-sponsored mobsters. These people claim to dissent government meddling in their lives, but where were they when their neocon installation nearly destroyed the Bill of Rights?

      Racism is simply not dissent, you can’t reason with a racist, it is a psychological disease, akin in seriousness and level of delusion to paranoid schizophrenia.

      My neighbors in the hills, knowing I’m not an obamiac, email me all kinds of propaganda from their side. I can confirm, in no uncertain terms, that the root of their position is racism, fanaticism, illogical fear, and fails to dissent anything as it actually exists, only promoting complete myths, pushing buttons that have no relevance to the points they claim to dissent.

      There are logical, legal and rational reasons to dissent Obama, but that is not what they are doing.

      And you don’t dissent with guns, ever! Did we learn nothing about effective popular dissent from the galvanic success of Gandhi & King?

      The second amendment is clearly a focus of huge debate and interpretation. If it meant the public had a right to arm themselves with military ordinance (as the NRA would claim), raygun would have let them have grenade-launchers and drones (no matter, they seem to do just fine with fertilizer). I propose the ‘right to bear arms’ means ‘roll up your sleeves’.

      • The video was mentioned by an article briefly appearing in the times today regarding the resurgence of the militia movement since the Obama election.

        This coupled with the interview today by Chris Mathews with the gun openly worn today by one of these birther/white supremacist/militia quoting the Jefferson line about the ‘blood of patriots’, who populate these scenes as well as the above is cause for alarm.

        More on the hypocrisy of the far-flung nature of your nation by Glen Greenwald here: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/02/22/militias/

        Point to keep in mind, they are all part of the same deranged mass of uneducated ugly american conservatives, be they birchers, birthers, Jonesers, holocaust deniers, KKK, white supremacists, 2nd amendment maniacs, hunters, nascar watchers, loggers, global warming deniers, mega-church maniac Pat Robertson Falwellites, creationists, paulbots or pnac american exceptionalists.

        I’m as tired of talking about these people as people are of listening to it, certainly I can now rest my case.

        But this is america folks, and they deserve one final rapid-fire round of perjoritives, and don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

        Activism in this nation has nothing to do with anti-war, nothing to do with fighting for justice or peace, or even prosperity, or freedom, actually nothing at all except fighting itself.

        Fox news has them hooked, they are believers, they are white, they are angry, they are hypocrites, they are utterly misinformed, malformed and completely deranged.

        They are armed and they are dangerous, both to American democracy and via their hypocritical alignment with ‘conservativism’ and its ‘national defense’ myth behind its wars, to other nations.

        There is no coalition, there is no popular struggle, there is no intellectual achievement, there is certainly no progress. There is only a vast sea of the daft and the deranged that fills the heartland with hateful, hysterical, violent white people.

        We would be wrong to imagine that there is hope for america. We have seen the enemy, and he most certainly is… Americans themselves.

        Apparently it was wrong to ‘save’ the union, there likely needs to be a division, and likely they should have the South after all. Politics in this place is pointless when more than half the country are brain-dead ghouls.

        Never underestimate a crazy, racist white man with a gun. There will no doubt be blood.

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