Ohio U.S. House Candidate Issues Press Release on Sibel Edmonds’ ‘Revealing’ Testimony

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August 12, 2009

As we continue to wait for the release of the video/transcript of long-gagged FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’ deposition last Saturday, the campaign of David Krikorian, Ohio’s Democratic candidate for the U.S. House seat in the 2nd Congressional district, has just issued a press release relating to it. Complete release posted below.


The Krikorian campaign’s press release, issued within the last hour today, follows in full below…

Krikorian For Congress Press Release

FBI Whistleblower Provides Revealing Testimony In Schmidt v. Krikorian Case

Ohio Elections Commission To Hold Preliminary Hearing Tomorrow

Cincinnati, OH – August 12, 2009 – FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, testified on Saturday to her knowledge of Turkish Government infiltration of US Department of State and the US House of Representatives. The testimony was revealing and will be used in David Krikorian’s defense against frivolous false statement claims brought by his 2010 opponent Representative Jean Schmidt.

Ms. Edmonds testified that the Turkish Lobby in the United States was under the direction of the Turkish Government and engaged in operations including bribery, espionage and blackmail with certain members of the US House of Representatives to further its objectives in the United States including one of which is the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

Representative Schmidt took more money from the Turkish lobby in the 2008 election cycle than any other member of the House or Senate and has already booked thousands in contributions from the Turkish lobby in 2009 despite their being almost no Turkish people or interests in Ohio’s 2nd congressional district.

FOX News is reporting today that the Turkish Coalition of America, whose political action committee is a large contributor to the Schmidt campaign, had its Armenian Genocide denial ads pulled by Google. A Spokesman for Google said the company does not allow ads for Web sites “that suggest revisions to history or attempt to revise history against the interests of a protected group.”

“Jean Schmidt has displayed a pattern of taking money from groups in exchange for pushing their agendas” said David Krikorian “Whether it be taking money from the trucking industry to raise the federal weight limit on tractor-trailer trucks despite the public safety hazard and road damage concerns or taking money from the banking lobby to push for bailouts for the banking industry or in this case taking money from the Turkish lobby in exchange for pushing its denial of the Armenian Genocide, Jean Schmidt has shown that she is for sale in the US House.

The Ohio Elections Commission will conduct a preliminary hearing tomorrow in Columbus. The hearing is open to the public and begins at 9:30 AM. Mr. Krikorian is confidant that the facts of the case will support his defense against Schmidt’s outrageous claims.

Krikorian For Congress

via The BRAD BLOG : Ohio U.S. House Candidate Issues Press Release on Sibel Edmonds’ ‘Revealing’ Testimony


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