Gold, impunity and violence in El Salvador

August 12, 2009

Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader, Marcelo Rivera, sparks campaign of terror against activists.

A 37-year-old teacher, community center founder, and anti-mining activist is found tortured and assassinated in Northern El Salvador. Authorities, despite all evidence to the contrary, attribute the death to common gang violence. In the following weeks, other critics of mining are victims of death threats, attempted kidnappings and shootings. Communities plunged into fear not seen since the Civil War of the 1980s place the blame on the presence of Pacific Rim, a Canadian gold mining company.


The Mysterious Death of Marcelo Rivera

8 thoughts on “Gold, impunity and violence in El Salvador

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  7. Well said, Shaine.

    May I also offer that all these right-wing gold-bugs are responsible for the run-up in the hysterical price of gold (about to become irrational). Backing currency with elements born of many supernovae is absurd.

    As long as people see gold as money, mining interests will continue to cyanide the earth, and destroy whole mountains for the pitiful kilos they get.

    Gold is a material, a metal, not money. It is the only metallic element besides copper that carries a color of its own. It is a magnificent metal. The gold-bugs and the capitalists have ruined gold for the artisan.

    At least it’s the most recyclable material, and much of what artisans use is scrapped many times over. It’s the banks and the gold-bugs (AKA Ron Paul) and the cartels of empire that pursue gold for greed, and abuse people and nature in the process.

    There’s enough gold already mined, we don’t need Las Venas Abiertas all over again to balance the books of bogus banks.

  8. The operative statemet here is that the “Death Squads” in El Salvador were trained by the US. The US and large foreign interests need to get ot of El Salvador and Latin America. Let the citizens in the various countries resolve their own issues. They democratically elected a president in Honduras, and now the US is in essence supporting his big-money overthrower. Furthermore, the US (and Canadian and other internatioal firms) have no business putting or expanding military bases in Colombia. They have sufficient probelms without outside interference.

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