Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Lies, Fibs and Anti-Reformers

August 13, 2009


18,000 People A Year Dying Because They Don’t Go To The Doctor When They Should! Sen Sanders

August 15, 2009

August 13, 2009 MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show

from the archives:

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One thought on “Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Lies, Fibs and Anti-Reformers

  1. Oh civil Mr. Sanders, I could never have patience with that uneducated back-woods beer-belching bigot.

    I just checked what my decent private insurance policy is costing… well I’m embarrassed to say.

    This meat-man looks like he never made what I pay for a year’s health insurance in his whole trailer-dwelling life, let alone had it extorted by Oxford. He’d likely be the first to benefit.

    I so want to forget about these vampyres who haunt the heartland. You just know this guy was behind Botch (not a rethuglican, my arse), and couldn’t wait to gun down some ‘hadji’ himself, all for government intervention to hunt humans. Yet now he complains about government intervention in its most miserly, meager attempt to fix things at home. They only believe what they’re told, to their detriment.

    There are apparently big problems with Obama’s bill, but what Mr. White-meat here is describing is not it!

    If these are the people who are who are the activists getting the PR, and all over a lie about one line about end-of-life counseling, then single-payer is impossible, its political proponents lynched, there would be civil war.

    The North is now reaping the ‘rewards’ of having forced this set of psychopaths into a union with society, when they should have been sprung loose behind their Appalachian borders to eat each-other alive.

    Good luck Brilliant Bernie convincing this cook. Who would want to be in office doing good things if this is the face of the electorate? No wonder they are convinced they’ll be tied down to a hospital bed and fed pain-killers till they loop out– if I were one of these retarded people, I’d be worried about the ‘men in white’ taking me away too!

    American society is not just stupid, it’s sickeningly disturbing, and dangerous to peace on earth, and this man is exactly why. Too bad such a magnificent place went so horribly wrong. What a waste of America the Beautiful if this is the final incarnation of culture in the USA.

    If this is america-love-it-or-leave-it, I’m so outa here. See ya, Amerigoons, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

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