Worried Arabs seek to shed light on Israeli nukes

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Fri, 14 Aug 2009

The Arab League AL calls on the European Union to put its weight behind their efforts to compel Israel to open up its secretive nuclear program to international inspections.Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa sent a letter to the Swedish and other European foreign ministers to urge them to back an Arab resolution entitled “Israel’s Nuclear Capabilities.”


Muslim nations consider the Zionist regime as a nuclear threat.

via Worried Arabs seek to shed light on Israeli nukes

One thought on “Worried Arabs seek to shed light on Israeli nukes

  1. Arabs aren’t truly worried about Israel’s nuclear arsenal, for they know that Israel is in no apocalyptic, existential threat from them, to the point where it might resort to nuclear weapons, hardly! Israel is so powerful with its traditional weaponry – enough to not only counter any threat from them easily, but destroy them in a short period of time. The US made sure, with all the most powerful and destructive weapons it armed Israel with, that it can do anything with impunity, and win any regional serious war with any of its neighbors or even an alliance of them. And Israel knows that all too well, and that’s the reason why it feels no need to compromise on anything or give the Palestinians or even the Syrians anything of substance to end the conflict.

    These nuclear weapons are an insurance policy toward its potential enemies, future enemies, for Israel’s paranoid mentality and arrogant “God’s chosen people” attitude is guaranteed to make it many future enemies over a host of other reasons.

    Israel is right to worry about its future, and even its existence, as anyone with the sick ideology, paranoid mentality, demented, psychological state of mind and pathologically arrogant attitude that Israel has and is possessed with, should worry that sooner or later, it will find itself in a quagmire of its own making that may endanger its own existence, and that’s what’s behind their fatalistic attitude – and on the inside, on a certain level, they know that themselves.

    As strong as Israel is, it’s not vision smart, and its horrific lack of discipline, maturity and wisdom is so overwhelming and pervasive that it doesn’t have the slightest awareness to realize that it’s going down a very dangerous road and unsustainable policy of aggression. Its paranoia and dogma have prevented it from realizing the value and wisdom of peace, hasn’t taught it a thing from history and thus it continues to act, naively and inanely, as if it can keep this fatalistic and dangerous attitude for ever – but it can’t, and that is Israel’s real Achilles’ heel that will eventually bring its downfall.

    Israel is infected with a very dangerous, potentially fatal, psychological disease – its mind is diseased, its soul is bankrupt and its heart is dead, and all that is eating at its insides, internally, with much schizophrenia evident in its mad behaviour. Its hodgepodge of nationalistic and religious kooks haven’t served it well and only led to further deterioration of what’s left of its tormented, sadistic soul.

    The world is on to Israel’s real and ugly personality, regardless of what they’d like to convince themselves with, and its charade has been exposed, with all its sickening aspects, to the world over, even to the US, which can not and will not keep covering for Israel and protecting it from its own mad acts.

    My best advice to the Palestinians: wait them out, give them enough rope to hang themselves, be patient, for the Israelis will do to themselves, with their own hands what Arabs weren’t able to do to them in decades of military struggle.

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