Bill Moyers Journal: Healthcare with Jamieson and Altman + David Frum

Bill Moyers Journal
August 14, 2009

Media analyst Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Kaiser Family Foundation president and CEO Drew Altman discuss the messages in health care ads today, and how well they reflect the real issues of health care reform.

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David Frum

A Conservative Plan for Healthcare? Bill Moyers sits down with former special assistant to George W. Bush David Frum, who is calling on Republicans to come up with their own plan for health care reform and suggests changes that conservatives can support.

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As 47 million people go without health care in America, a remarkable film CRITICAL CONDITION puts a human face on how three families face illness without health coverage.

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3 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: Healthcare with Jamieson and Altman + David Frum

  1. I watched from pBS–for some reason I cant watch some videos here—I am on my old pc–I am waiting for a mouse for the laptop my sister gave me…just too hard on fingers! Must be the old pc…
    What did you like that Frum said? It seems that he is just advocating that everybody buy one, under fed regs…

  2. I hope I watched the right video–I watched at pbs…

    DAVID FRUM? Why would Moyers do that?? He worked for GWB for chrissakes….I think that we have had quite enough of those assholes for awhile.

    • All the videos are on this post, or you can watch from PBS, the links are on the post, or if you’d like to read the transcripts.

      Did you watch the David Frum interview? It was quite good, I recommend watching it.

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