Left Libertarianism


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Jul 22, 2009

Pt 2


Michael Burawoy’s Manufacturing Consent

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  9. How come no one is talking about the inclusion of automation into the process of mass production? The assembly line has practically disappeared from factories.
    Along with unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Modern technology is eliminating much of the world’s work force and capitalists are increasing their rate of profit with a much smaller labor market.
    It seems obvious to me that in order to increase their “rate of profit” they will produce only for those that have the ability to pay the outrageous prices for goods and services. Everyone else will be priced out of the market place.
    The status of those that control our economic life will be determined not only on how much profit they accumulate but on how fast they make their profit! This is what will keep them competitive.
    This activity of modern day capitalists means an increase in the pollution of our planet.
    If much of the american work force are locked out of the system of capitalism because they are no longer needed by the capitalists, perhaps it will be they the locked out workers, and not those workers that work for the system, that will become the vanguard of the revolution!

  10. Ha! Some excellent points;

    Production and corporations use public patents & trademarks to protect the inflated profits from their ‘intellectual property’ and manipulate prices…

    Undocumented workers contribute more to prosperity of production-oriented business than these xenophobes care to believe.

    And the military is the biggest WPA project of all time.

    It’s all such a fraud. Ah well, the rabid ‘anti-socialist’ tea-baggers live by these Laissez faire myths, and so they will die by them. All that fomented activism against their own interest.

    Maybe the answer is to try it for real, pull the plug on all federal patent protections, all government military, price-supports, farm subsidies, bank bail-outs, stimulus, immigration, wars on drugs, end the fed (and shouldn’t a free-market find its own interest rates?), give back all contributions to Social Security (or invest the proceeds into the free market as Botch wanted to), let the lumber companies log the national parks and big oil drill-baby-drill, dismantle the FDA, the FBI, the narcs, the CIA, FAA, AMTRAK, ATF, CDC, NEA & the rest. We could just go back to feudalism and fiefdoms, and really work for the man the way the market intended. Prosperity and power for the one at the expense of all… Let it ‘trickle down’, even if it’s in the form of raw sewage in the Hudson again.

    A funny paradox that they’ve bought so militantly into a ‘spirituality’ of this pretend ideology– is it the sanctity of ‘free markets’ or because Jesus was a carpenter and therefore greed must be good…

    • Thanks, Natureboy.

      Question: what does Jesus being a carpenter have to do with “greed must be good”? Personally, I believe Jesus would have been a Socialist, certainly not a Capitalist. Or did I misunderstand your point?

      • Indeed you’d likely be be right, though i can’t say know him…

        It was a silly quote from a show years ago on NPR about how the corporatists and warmongers got the conservative evangelicals to become a huge voting block for their interests, ushering the reaganomic revolution.

        Nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus, of course ~

  11. The army of the East India Company not only fought wars to force the Chinese to accept opium, but they fought many wars against the inhabitants of various regions of India. It was only after the very bloody Sepoy rebellion in 1858 that the British government decided it was time to use its own troops and governing bodies in India, rather than those of the East India Company.

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