Ahmadinejad: Some neighbouring countries are serving Zionism in the name of Islam

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compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
17 August 2009

1) Iran Lambasts Policies of Certain Neighboring States (16 August 2009)
2) Tenth ‘Reliant Mermaid’ Joint Naval Exercise (11 August 2009)
3) [from the archives] Turkey and Israel Strategize (Winter 2002)



excerpt from: Iran Lambasts Policies of Certain Neighboring States

Fars News Agency, 16 August 2009

We are sorry for those countries around us and those neighbors which are at the service of the Zionists in the name of Islam and are providing means of their hegemony over the world. They don’t understand so they provide the Zionists with their possibilities, we hope that they wake up.

[Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, speech to commemorate the World Mosques Day, Tehran, 16 August 2009]



excerpt from: Tenth ‘Reliant Mermaid’ Joint Naval Exercise

Israel Defense Forces web site, 11 August 2009

Reliant Mermaid X, which is a live, Combined/Joint Search and Rescue exercise, will be conducted by the participant elements of Israeli, Turkish and United States Naval and Air Forces between 17-21 August 2009. Turkey is the host country of the event and the exercise will take place in the Turkish Search and Rescue area in the Eastern Mediterranean.


from the archives:


excerpts from: Turkey and Israel Strategize

by Mustafa Kibaroglu, Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2002

Turkish air space borders that of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Were any of these countries preparing to launch missiles against Israel, Israel might come to Turkey with a request to fly through Turkish air space to deliver pre-emptive or preventive strikes against ballistic missile launching sites. […]

Israel might call on Turkish space for another purpose. Because Israel is so small, it needs off-shore strategic depth to sustain a credible and secure second-strike capability. In the event of a crisis, it will need foreign safe havens for its submarines and surface ships—and Turkey is perfectly positioned to provide them.

The basis for this kind of cooperation has already been laid. According to the 1996 agreement of military cooperation, each country can deploy or temporarily station its land, air and naval force units in the other country’s territory. For that purpose, they can use one another’s air space, airports and naval ports.


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2 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad: Some neighbouring countries are serving Zionism in the name of Islam

  1. Dubai has never struck me as being particularly pious or Islamic, much in the way that parts of Israel aren’t particularly Jewish in feeling, such as Tel Aviv with it’s drugs, porn, slavery, non kosha food and so on.

    Many movements hide behind religion, Islamic and Jewish.

    Egypt clearly is nothing more than a puppet of US, as is Jordan, UAE.

    Arabs everywhere have to realise that there enemy is not only in Israel, but in their own governments, who are human beings and therefore easily purchased with massive bribes and an opulent lifestyle providing they play along, their other choice being a hole in the ground.

  2. Turkey has been a client -state of the US for years and some years, particularly when fighting the Kurdistan Workers Party, Turkey has been the top recipient of US military aid. There is nothing at all unusual about the Zionist state of Israel, Turkey and the United States uniting in military exercises. However, Ahmadinejad is correct. It is an unfortunate circumstance for another Islamic state to be supporting Zionism, especially considering the atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

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