Bob Dylan Arrested for Walking

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James Joyner
Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bob Dylan was on the pavement, thinking about the government. And they arrested him.


Alex Knapp is less than pleased:

That’s just utterly disgusting to me. A 68 year old man out for a walk shouldn’t have to offer his ID to the police. Was he committing a crime? No. Was he suspected of committing a crime? No. Were there any indications that a crime was going to be committed? No. He was just “suspiciously” enjoying public rights-of-way.


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6 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Arrested for Walking

  1. Was this arrest on the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock?

    There would be something so appropos about that date that invovled anything remotely related to Bob Dylan, it would be weirder than his arrest.

  2. Bob Dylan was such an icon among the counter culture and anti-war movements of the 1960s. He was as well known as the Beatles and practically everyone could sing his songs. I have not heard anything about him for a long time. Even if he was arrested for walking, it shows he is probably still in good health.

  3. Lol that IS funny (besides kinda scary)… The still wet-behind-the-ears policeman asks him who he was, and he replies:

    “Bob Dylan.”

    Then the cop asks what he was doing:

    “I’m on tour”

    Hehehe. That is Hilarius.

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