Irked by US-Colombia deal, Chavez warns of war

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Sun, 16 Aug 2009

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has again slammed US plans to increase its military presence in Colombia, echoing his earlier remarks in which he warned of an imminent war in the region.

The US President Barack Obama is ‘lost in the Andromeda’ galaxy on Latin American policy, Chavez said on Sunday in his weekly address.

He made the comments after Bogota announced a deal that will allow US troops to use seven military bases on Colombian soil. The leftist president believes that a larger US troop presence ups the prospect of a war in the region.


via Irked by US-Colombia deal, Chavez warns of war


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5 thoughts on “Irked by US-Colombia deal, Chavez warns of war

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  4. I read a report today that stated that predator drones as well as US troops were headed to Colombia, supposedly to help the so-called drug war. The drug war is only a cover for imperialism. The real target is socialism in both Ecuador and Venezuela, particularly Venezuela. In my opinion, Obama is a far more dangerous man to world peace than George W. Bush. George W. Bush left Latin America alone and Obama is targeting both the Middle East and Latin America. I think Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A conventional war against Venezuela will cost far more lives than these other adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Besides its regular army, Venezuela can mobilize up to a million reserves and has some modern weapons. It sickens me that anything should happen to this unique experiment in socialism in Venezuela.

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