Exclusive: Rob Us if You Must, But Socialism Scares Us by Gary Sudborough

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by Gary Sudborough
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Aug 18, 2009

In the past 30 years Americans have been openly robbed by capitalists so many times that it is difficult to keep track of all of them. There was the Savings and Loan heist, the fraudulent accounting schemes of Arthur Andersen and others, which led to a stock market crash and wiped out people’s savings, there was the blatant thievery of Enron and the rest of the energy companies, costing billions of dollars in public money, and finally, there was the sub prime mortgage debacle, which put the whole world into a depression, cost millions of jobs and made numerous people homeless and penniless.

One would logically believe that there should be millions of Americans in the streets demanding an end to the system which caused all of the present misery and angrier than a hive of hornets towards those who robbed them- the capitalists. One would be greatly mistaken. They are angry at the people who would like to help them. They are very frightened, not at the robbers, but at two little words- socialism and communism. It is like a drowning person who refuses to be saved because the person offering assistance believes in one of those evil, evil words. Even stranger, they are more frightened at the more Utopian word, “communism,” than the other less Utopian word, “socialism.” If I went up to most Americans and told them I was a socialist, they would be shocked, but if I told some Americans I was a communist, I would probably have to use the electrical shock paddles to get their heartbeat started again. Most astonishing is that most of these people can’t give a rational explanation of either word- except to say they are evil and un-American. Sometimes, they have completely fallacious interpretations like believing socialism means sharing all your personal possessions with everyone else, or it means loss of freedom or a dictatorship. None of these things are true. The only reason a socialist state has to be somewhat restrictive is that it is under attack by a capitalist power like the United States.

I notice all these people at the town hall meetings on health care yelling about socialism and communism. Now, I know that a lot of this is organized by the health care companies because they know single payer health insurance would put them out of business. However, they don’t need to organize very hard because I have relatives and friends who would be terribly shocked, scared and think evil of me if they thought I was either a socialist or communist. The corporate propaganda system in this country have reached the pinnacle of their success in reversing good and evil and creating the illusion that the interests of the poor are the same as those of the rich.

I would like to examine this reversal of evil and good. I was rereading Jennifer Harbury’s book Bridge of Courage about the struggle of the mainly Mayan revolutionaries in Guatemala against government troops trained by the CIA and the School of the Americas in the 1980s and 1990s. The Mayan guerrillas wanted land reform, help for the poor people, and a cooperative society. That doesn’t sound evil to me. However, government forces were taught by the CIA that all who wanted to help the poor were communists and evil. When asked why they tortured and killed priests and nuns, that was their answer. They burned Mayan villages and killed all the inhabitants. The army’s excuse for the burning of hundreds of villages was that the villagers were helping the communists.  According to eyewitness descriptions, while the army was killing the men and raping and killing the women, they used knives to disembowel the children, yelling they were killing the seeds of communism. Now, this is real evil, done by the proponents of capitalism. This is where American tax money went in the 1980s and that is what was happening while contented Americans watched the NFL on Sunday. They believed Ronald Reagan when he said that these reports by human rights groups and eyewitnesses were distortions and lies. The American people should be deeply ashamed of themselves for what happened then. I know most Americans are not child and baby killers.

Can all this ignorance be attributed solely to the propaganda system or has the advent of television and the computer had something to do with the dumbing down of America? Americans certainly don’t read as much as they once did, and they rarely read important books on history or masterpieces of literature. They pick up these books prominently displayed right at the front of the bookstore, and usually, it is a biography of some idiot in public office or a variety of other books from the numerous fools at Fox News. Europeans are appalled at the ignorance of the average American about world affairs.

Despite this general level of ignorance on exceedingly important topics, American universities can produce engineers and scientists with specialized knowledge to produce the sophisticated weaponry needed to keep the poor of other countries under the iron heel of capitalism. The United States has the intelligence necessary to build an empire and possibly destroy the world in an attempt to keep and expand it, but I am afraid does not have the humanistic knowledge and will to save Mankind or the environment. It will take a whole community of socialist governments to accomplish that.


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8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Rob Us if You Must, But Socialism Scares Us by Gary Sudborough

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  3. We must remind ourselves that the first paragraph only touches on but one tentacle of the empire; finance capital, controlled by the executive advisory committee for transnational finance capital, the trilateral commission.

    But Charles Eisenstein reinforces what’s missing from that paragraph. That there are another six forms of capital exploitation that have just as much, if not more human and ecological impact.

    These are the Productive, Human, Social, Natural, Cultural, and Spiritual exploitation many of us and our ancestors have endured.

    The vacuous nature of many Americans and the function of the state are intertwined and fashioned in such a way that can even co-opt the best of hearts of so-called revolutionary camps like the anti-NWO, Ron Paul, Alex Jones or even the cult of Obama. History is but one key these people failed to correctly turn in revolutionary theory.

    But I am confident a collective effort can raise the masses of uneven development to bend the stick in another direction.

  4. If you work for a living and do not own for a living your interest is furthered by the common struggle of working people everywhere to better their conditions and raise their standard of living so that they and you can get an increasingly larger share of the value that is produced by you and your fellow workers.
It is now possible for advanced technology to produce much more material wealth with less effort than ever before. This technology was produced by working technologists, scientists, and other working professionals. It should belong to those that are the producers of this technology and to those workers that utilize this technology and in so doing benefit and enrich the entire society.
But instead those exploiters that own for a living are calling the shots and as a consequence the 90% concentration of capital and wealth in the USA is in the greedy hands of only 1% of the people. These parasites do not work for a living but instead own for a living.
The people that think that their fate and well being is an individual thing and is not a part of a struggle of groups that have a common interest is sorely mistaken.
If you cannot see the forrest because of the trees, it is because you are short sighted! …I suggest that you climb to the top of the tree so you could see not only the individual trees but also the big picture, and how you as an individual fit into that big picture, … and the scheme of things

  5. Thought provoking but we can’t have our own thoughts. You mentioned dumbing down of Americans, maybe vaccinations. But it’s mostly fox news lol..

  6. Great question. Great insight.

    Americans fear loss of personal freedom.

    They need to understand that socialism will not take away property rights, not lead to harsh bureaucracy-controlled lives, and is not the same as Soviet-style Communism (which wasn’t Marxism at all, and gave the C-word a bad name).

    What Americans should understand from our history is that a weak Federal Govt (“libertarian-style”) and a strong socialist ethos at the state and local level is ideal.

    Strengthen the community, respect personal freedom, end the plutocracy and their Empire, be educated on why the oil industry/energy industries and banking system should be nationalized asap and no President can start a war EVER!.

    The corporate-controlled media doesn’t show the enlightened views of, for example, Chavez and others in South America…and only the Americans who’ve been to the Netherlands see a land where labor is organized and valued, propsperity is shared, health care is indeed a right, and the communities are strong.

    What Americans dont get is that the government is US, not somewhere ELSE!

    And those in power keep it that way with the stream of endless propaganda that starts in grade school….

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