Guns and Warm Blankets by Malcolm Steinberg

by Malcolm Steinberg
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August 19, 2009

Enculturation is the process by which a person learns the requirements of the culture by which he or she is surrounded, and acquires values and behaviors that are appropriate or necessary in that culture. (Wikipedia)

There has been a question raised about the gun toting crew that showed up at one of President Obama’s town hall meetings, and how is it that our country brings this out in people. That would completely ignore the racist component of our society and it’s history, but there is something that sits even deeper, and that has to do with the fear so deeply ingrained in our history. We have been at war since our inception, against the indigenous people here before us, against a multi-cultural peoples from the African continent, and even a war against what Abraham Lincoln called ‘the angels of our better nature’. As humans, this society has warred against our beneficent selves. Indeed, the civil war was not started to emancipate slaves, but in response to the confederate attack on a Union fort. What we have done to others, we even did to ourselves. Would not fear be the necessary by-product of our own behavior, our history.

And yet, this nation encourages this mind set, selling fear to win elections and promote war, and for who’s benefit, the defense department contractors?

We rape the citizens because those that sit in power wish to look down at the population and make money at their expense, to control their financial centers, control the markets of securities and commodities that determine the cost of goods, yet give little in return to the consumer and for those that do the work for those in charge. Ask any high level businessman, and they will scoff or laugh when asked if capitalism is a moral system, but they will quickly turn to anger and rage and condescension when it is suggested change is needed. The family farm is now an endangered species because the price of produce is now controlled by the massive corporate agribusiness, much as has been implemented around the world. Little is heard about this because that is what makes food as cheap as it is. The largest consumer of potatoes is now McDonald’s, so they control the type of potatoes grown. This is how the genetically modified plants are being standardized to the advantage of the Monsanto and Dow Chemical companies, so you will not be told much about how those companies are suing farmers out of business if they do not comply with the company’s strategic interests. So it is now that US farmers are being marginalized just like their counterparts in Latin America, South America, Africa, South East Asia, just as we had been taught to believe it was in communist Russia.

And what is this fear that is being taught, or becoming enculturated as a part of us as individuals? The indoctrination that says ‘you had better find a decent job and take care of your family because you can do little else in this world’. You had better not step out of line because there is no net. Struggle is the lot you have inherited and count yourself lucky if you can cover expenses. Do anything else and we now have a condescending word for that: slacker. That is now a ‘word’ in spell check.

So welcome to the world of corporatocracy, not in spell check. Who controls the means of production? Who controls the concentration of wealth even if it includes your pension fund? Who controls the supply and transportation of food? Who is now trying to secure the privatization of water supplies? Who is trying to keep the management of our medical care system? Who determines the price of medical services in our health care system? Ask your doctor about who determines the price of any medical service that is insured.

You had better damn well be covered by your hard work, or the price will be your well being or that of your children. You know damn well there is not much of a net to catch your fall. How is fear being taught? Guns and Warm Blankets.


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  1. The fear is spread around by the Defense (against whom?) contractors by putting plants in various Congressional districts; thereby, insuring that the people in that district vote for swollen and unnecessary defense spending because they fear for the jobs.

    Right now we have corporate fascism. It will only change if the Supreme Court revisits the terrible 1886 Supreme Court decision giving corporations the rights of individuals. The founding fathers feared a corporate takeover, and rightly so.

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