Israelis restrict Palestinians’ water supply

August 24, 2009

World bank report: Israelis have access to four times as much water as Palestinians due to restrictions

3 thoughts on “Israelis restrict Palestinians’ water supply

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  2. You raise two fundamental points that speak to the heart of the conflict, and explain the reason behind it being seemingly so unsolvable:

    “Why should Israel be allowed to ignore international law?”
    Simply my friend because they can. Why wouldn’t they if there’s no one to stop them, oppose them or do any thing about it. The Arab countries are in shambles, corrupt and weak in every way, and they don’t stand a chance against Israel, militarily, even if there was political will to do so. We, the US, made sure that no one can stop Israel – not even us – because it would’ve not worked for Israel, as planned, if that wasn’t the case. It was no accident that Israel was armed to the level of being a mini super power. A tyrannical pharaoh was once asked why he was so cruel and unfair, and he answered:” because I can, and who’s there to stop me?” and that’s why Israel thinks it can do any thing it wants, regardless of any laws, rules and with no degree or sense of morality or decency.

    “An international peacekeeping force needs to enter all the areas illegally and criminally occupied by the Israelis and remove them.” Well, Shaine, what you are thinking my friend? This is the almighty, licensed-to-do-any-thing-it-wants, God’s chosen Israel we’re talking about here. What you are suggesting, as a matter of fact, makes sense and logical – or ought to be, in a sane, normal world, that is – but not in our present world. Yes we did it before in Iraq, Yugoslavia and other places, and there was an international consensus to do it, but can you really imagine that happening against Israel: our darling that is coddled, so inexplicably and creepily by us, protected feverishly and insanely from any thing or any country that may want to do any thing about it, or at least have the courage to stand up and tell it “enough is enough”, “and you are not above human and international laws, even if you think you are God’s favourite baby in this world , which you are not, for we all, equally, are God’s people, including the Palestinians, against whom you commit on daily basis, with impunity, all sorts of war crimes and unspeakable atrocities.”

    What Israel has done, in the name of God, and continues to do, in front of the whole world, is unprecedented, in its viciousness, in human history, and mark my words: Israel isn’t going, under any circumstances, change, compromise, yield any thing, negotiate in good faith or comply with any treaty or decision by any one in the world, and will keep committing it genocidal atrocities against the Palestinians until no one wants to talk about it any more, including the Palestinians.

    Israel is a criminal state, and its psychopathic behaviour has become so embedded in its mentality, ideology and way of life, that it would take a miracle, a miracle from God himself, to have it, or more like force it to change its mind and ways, for I see no one else on this planet able or willing to do any thing about it.

  3. An international peacekeeping force needs to enter all the areas illegally and criminally occupied by the Israelis and remove them. Why should Israel be allowed to ignore international law?

    The UN rules need to be rewritten, removing the US and other powerful nations ability to veto majority decisions.

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