UK: New sanctions on Iran is a priority – Israel: Time is running out

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Propaganda Alert

compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
25 August 2009

1) Joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (25 August 2009)

2) [from the archives] US President Obama’s interview with BBC (1 June 2009)


excerpts from: Transcript of press conference given by PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the PM of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown

(Israeli) Prime Minister’s Office website, 25 August 2009

QUESTION: […] [D]o you think that inevitably eventually a military action will have to be taken against Iran if everything else fails?

GORDON BROWN: […] [W]e have to leave open every option in our dealings with Iran and at the same time, if there is no further progress immediately, I believe the world will have to look at stepping up sanctions against Iran as a matter of priority.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: […] [T]ime is running out. It is late in the day, but it is not too late. If there is a firm resolve by the international community to apply crippling sanctions […] then however late the hour the future can be secured. […]


from the archives:

[emphasis added]

excerpt from: Obama interview: the transcript

BBC World Service website, 2 June 2009

BBC: What the Israelis say is that they have managed to persuade you at least to concentrate on Iran and to give what’s — behind the scenes they’re calling it a bit of an ultimatum to the Iranians: By the end of this year there must be some real progress.

OBAMA: Well, the only thing I’d correct on that is I don’t think the Israelis needed to convince me of that, since I’ve been talking about it for the last two years.

[US President Barack Obama, BBC World Service interview, 1 June 2009]


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